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Asset College has partnered with Defensive Solutions Australia, combining over fifteen years experience in security and risk management with nationally recognised qualifications.

Defensive Solutions Australian is an Australian owned business with over fifteen years’ experience in Security Operations, Security and Risk Management, skills developed in defensive and offensive military operations and self defensive. Delivering training solutions and defensive programs within security operations, first aid response, firearms safety, and operation.

Defensive Solutions Australia is honoured to be supported and partnered with a highly successful Hapkido Martial Arts training center on the Gold Coast, providing self defence classes, self-protection awareness programs. Not only focused on industry training.

Defensive Solutions Australia is also highly motivated in providing members of the community awareness and techniques in support of self-protection and public safety.

Defensive Solutions Australia is proud to announce that they will also be expanding to design and deliver safety awareness training workshops to frontline health staff, retail and hospitality industry workers, through interactive scenario and simulation training delivered by professionals with years of experience in conflict management.

In an era where aggression is experienced by almost all who work in these industries and others similar, it is important to be provided with skills and training to understand how to identify triggers for aggression, how to control emotions during de-escalation and knowing how to avoid escalation of aggression into violence.

Defensive Solutions Australia has partnered with Asset College to deliver accredited and nationally recognised training with a focus on specialised skills in risk management, defensive and offensive military operations and first aid response.

In addition to security and first aid training, Defensive Solutions Australia offers training and knowledge to the security industry through structured training packages that provide members of the security industry with improved skills and awareness, avoiding, deterring, and controlling security risk incidents and situations. Enhanced awareness of security procedures, human behavior and risk management. The training will offer members of the security industry additional training through enhanced communication techniques, de-escalation, dynamic observation, and additional open hand restrain techniques and control of aggression and violence.

Defensive Solutions Australia can deliver their specialised courses right across QLD.

Student Testimonials

The instructor was an absolutely amazing instructor. He had a wealth of knowledge and experience and delivered lectures with detail and a little humour which makes for a perfect learning environment..

Michael SlorachFormer student

Engaging. Everyone is part of the learning experience. I received support from everyone. The visual learning was easy to understand and acknowledge. Through their reassurance my motivation held strong throughout the course.

Gail CarterFormer student

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