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On campus

Asset College has partnered with Foresight Tactical, combining the best in recreational firearms training with nationally recognised qualifications in greater Brisbane.

Foresight Tactical is an Australian owned business that provides high level firearms and tactical training and consulting services on contract to government departments and government service entities. They also provide firearms training and coaching to military and law enforcement personnel as well as licensed occupational and sporting shooters.

Their training is delivered using proven, performance based, training methodology.
This results in better skills acquisition and retention for end users than can be achieved with the more traditional outcome based approach to skills training.

Foresight Tactical offer the following qualifications on behalf of Asset College:

Foresight Tactical has partnered with Asset College to deliver accredited firearms safety courses to government departments and government service entities as well as licensed recreational and occupational shooters.

The firearms and tactical training community is plagued by obsolete and incorrect dogma. Not only do Foresight Tactical continue to monitor world’s best practice to ensure they remain at the cutting edge, they continue to do their part to contribute to the development of the cutting edge. Asset College holds firm in our beliefs that continuous development is of utmost importance in training. This is why we have partnered with Foresight Tactical to deliver this training.

Foresight Tactical deliver firearms training at Belmont and Dalby.

Student Testimonials

The instructor was an absolutely amazing instructor. He had a wealth of knowledge and experience and delivered lectures with detail and a little humour which makes for a perfect learning environment..

Michael SlorachFormer student

Engaging. Everyone is part of the learning experience. I received support from everyone. The visual learning was easy to understand and acknowledge. Through their reassurance my motivation held strong throughout the course.

Gail CarterFormer student

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P: 0468 387 745
E: [email protected]

Opening Hours

8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday
Please allow up to 48 hours for returning your calls and enquiries.

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