From IT to Airport Screening

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From IT to Airport Screening

Recent ASSET graduate Yuriy Popov says the Aussie TV show Border Security is the reason he changed career paths and moved from a career in information technology to airport screening.

“Back in Ukraine I came across the TV show called Border Security-  Australia’s Front Line on YouTube. I was literally hypnotised.”

Each episode opens with the words “Thousands of men and women dedicate their lives to protecting Australia’s border”.

“Every time it gave me goosebumps. It was clear to me, thats what I want to do,” Yuriy says.

“Of course, for a foreigner and a guy of my age, working at the ABF is a long way to go. On the other hand, the airport security industry is close enough to what the ABF do, and was achievable at the time when I moved to Australia, in 2016.”

Yuriy released he had found his passion and now it was a matter of making it happen, that’s when he enrolled to complete the Certificate II in Security Operations with ASSET.

“One of the requirements to get the job of an Aviation Protection Officer was to do the security course and have at least a Certificate II in Security Operations.”

Yuri found ASSET’s website to be easy to navigate and appreciated the level of information provided.

“I was browsing the websites of the training providers and, as an IT guy, was pleasantly amazed about how meticulous the ASSET website had been developed in terms of displaying information. The site was easy to navigate, to access all the info I needed. “These guys care about their students. That was my first thought.”

The change of careers paid off and Yuri loves his new position as an Airport Security Screener and the diversity and challenges it offers.

“I am a person who likes a constantly changing environment. At the airport you can get shifts in various locations. You deal with new people and new circumstances all the time. Thanks to the fact that there are hundreds of security staff members you get to work with many co-workers of diverse origins all the time.”

Yuri says the jobs did wonders for his communication skills.

“Another perk of this place – you can hugely pump up your language and interpersonal skills. You are a medium between the Earth and the Sky. Because of your job – helping people to move through the security procedures quickly and painlessly, you learn to communicate really well.”

But most important to Yuri is being able to make a difference and keep people safe.

“You make sure that the flights in Australia are safe. And when it’s time to go home after the shift you know that you have helped to make this happen.”

Yuri says anyone can get into this area with a little determination and a lot of hard work.

“Aviation security is an industry of critical importance. However, you shouldn’t be scared of it being difficult or of the responsibility. Some of us, myself included, started this job from scratch, level zero, and succeeded. Dozens of officers work beside me, of diverse backgrounds, of different education and work experience history, some are teenagers, some are people of retirement age. If working as an APO is what you want – roll up your sleeves and apply yourself and you’ll achieve your goal.”

If you’re interest in getting into Aviation Security contact our course advisors today about your options or come along to one of our free information sessions.

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