AVI20118 Certificate II in Transport Security Protection (International Airport Screening Officer)

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AVI20118 Certificate II in Transport Security Protection (International Airport Screening Officer)

The skies are alive again with high employment opportunities for Aviation Security Officers.

All new screeners in the aviation and maritime sectors must hold this qualification (Course code AVI20118) from 16th January 2022.

For existing screeners, your skills and experience will be recognised.

Existing screeners do not need to complete this course if you:

  • were employed or engaged as a screener at any time in the 12 months before 16 June 2021, and
  • have not ceased engagement or employment as a screening officer for more than 24 months.

More information is available on the Department of Home Affairs website.

This qualification provides individuals with general and specialist skills to operate effectively in a broad range of transport security screening roles.

This qualification includes the units of competency required by Transport Security Screening Officers to perform transport security screening functions including, controlling access to security sensitive areas, undertaking physical searches, and identifying and handling weapons, explosives and prohibited items. A Transport Security Screening Officer must also apply effective communication skills to work in a broad range of transport security protection roles.

Transport Security screening personnel working at this level will apply knowledge and skills to demonstrate autonomy and limited judgement in structured and stable contexts within narrow parameters.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of our airport security course, you will be awarded a AVI20118 Certificate II in Transport Security Protection (International) qualification.

Transport Security Screening Officer roles for this stream include:

  • International Airport Screening Officer

This will allow you to work at places like airports, port facilities, court houses, cruise ship terminals and large scale screening facilities.

Entry Requirements

IMPORTANT! Students enrolling into the Certificate II in Transport Security Protection must apply for:

  • An ASIC Job Ready Background Check; or
  • An MSIC Job Ready Background Check

Individuals undertaking this qualification must have passed a valid background check prior to accessing security-restricted resources associated with AVIG0001 Work effectively in a transport security environment. This can be obtained by submitting an application to an ASIC/MSIC Issuing Body. Some employers may be Issuing Bodies or may have existing relationships with one.

Alternatively, ASSET is a registered agent for Veritas and can assist applicants with applying for an ASIC or MSIC Job Ready Background Check. Students will be contacted to arrange an appointment to complete your Job Ready Background Check at an ASSET office.

You will need access to a computer with an internet connection to complete the online component of this course.

Before enrolling with Asset College, please ensure you are fully informed by reading our Student Handbook.

Are you an international student? Click here.

Units of Competency

This Certificate II in Transport Security Protection (International) includes the following units of competency.

Core Units

  • AVIO0015 Undertake physical search of cargo and articles
  • AVIO0009 Identify and handle weapons, explosives and prohibited items
  • AVIG0001 Work effectively in a transport security industry
  • AVIO0007 Control access to and exit from a security sensitive area
  • AVIO0008 Establish and maintain a sterile sensitive area

International Airport Screening Officer Units

  • AVIO0011 Manage disruptive behaviour and unlawful interference within a transport security environment
  • AVIO0004 Conduct frisk search of persons
  • AVIO0005 Conduct screening using explosive trace detection
  • AVIO0012 Manage the flow of items for screening by X-ray screening equipment
  • AVIO0014 Screen articles by interpreting X-ray images
  • AVIO0013 Operate body scanner
  • AVIO0010 Identify powders, liquids, aerosols and gels (PLAGs)
  • AVIO0006 Conduct vehicle search for access to security sensitive areas
  • AVIF0015 Apply awareness of dangerous goods and hazardous substances in the transport security environment
  • CPPSEC3121 Control persons using empty hand techniques
  • CPPSEC3128 Conduct security screening using walk-through metal detection equipment
  • CPPSEC3130 Conduct security screening using hand-held metal detectors

If you would also like to be awarded with a Domestic or Maritime Screening Officer certificate, a $100 certificate issuing fee per qualification is required.

If you would also like to be awarded a Cargo Screening Officer qualification, you will need to complete one extra unit. The cost to complete this extra unit will be $200. Please advise us at the time of enrolment if you would like to complete this unit.

To gain an overview of everything you will learn in this course, please visit training.gov.au.

Delivery Options

Blended Training

Online Learning + 8 days in class

The face to face component of the airport security course will run for 8 days in-class 8.30am – 5.00pm.

The e-learning modules of this course must be completed prior to your face to face workshop.

This course is currently delivered at the following locations:

  • Parramatta (NSW)

Asset College are able to provide on-site training for this qualification anywhere in Australia, combined with recognition of prior learning for existing personnel where applicable.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Asset College are able to assist existing screeners currently working for an employer to attain this qualification through recognition of prior learning.


After completing the airport security course, you may choose to extend your expertise in security, risk or leadership through one of the following qualifications:

Course Fees

$1750 plus ASIC

Smart and Skilled Funding – NSW Only
Subsidies available are dependent on a persons individual circumstances.
Find out more and submit application here. This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.

Please note. The training is subsidised for eligible participants under Smart and Skilled. This DOES NOT include your Job Ready ASIC check. Students must pay for this themselves prior to enrolment confirmation.

Certificate 3 Guarantee Funded Co-Contribution Fees – QLD Only
Concession $17
Non-Concession $51
plus ASIC

JobReady ASIC or MSIC Background Check is $200.20 (inc GST). This fee is non-refundable once you have completed your ID check.

Note, the ASIC or MSIC is not issued until an employer provides evidence of an operational need. At this time, there will be an additional card issuing fee payable by either the applicant or their employer.

The fee cannot be included in payment plans and is payable upon completion of your application and proceeding to ID check for JobReady ASIC or JobReady MSIC.

Payment Options

Certificate 3 Guarantee Funded Co-Contribution Fees – Queensland Only

Skills Assure

Eligible students in Queensland may receive government subsidised training under the Certificate 3 Guarantee program.

You can view more information about eligibility requirements here.

Please note the co-contribution fee may change after a review of your circumstances prior to enrolment in the qualification but will not exceed the above stated fees.

Please be advised that you will no longer be eligible for a government subsidised training place under the Certificate 3 Guarantee program once you complete this qualification.

You can view the co-contribution fee breakdown per unit here.

You can review the Certificate 3 Guarantee Fact Sheet produced by the Department of Employment, Training and Small Business on their website.

Start funding application now!

If you need help with your application, please call us on 1300 731 602 or email us.

Other Information

Please read our Course Fees and Refund policy here.

Assessment Re-Submission Fees

Should you be deemed not competent after 2 attempts at a unit of competency, an assessment re-submission fee of $50 will apply per assessment.


Should you wish to cancel your course or your enrolment is cancelled by us due to no progress and you then wish to re-enrol, a re-enrolment fee of 25% of the standard course fee will apply if requested within 3 months of initial cancellation. If re-enrolment is requested within 4 – 12 months of initial cancellation, 50% of the standard course fee will apply.


“Just wanted to thank you Mike for all your help and letting you know that I made it through. ISS are just waiting on my ASIC and if that comes back clear I start work as an Aviation Security Officer at the Brisbane International Airport.

I am already recommending the courses with Asset College to all my friends and family. You were a great support all the way through.”

Andrea Lavell

aviation security screening
State Winner

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