Anxiety – Making sure your workmates are mentally well

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Anxiety – Making Sure Your Work Mates Are Mentally Well

How often do you wake up in the morning and dread the thought of walking into the office or shake with uncertainty at your decisions and having to attend meetings? Perhaps you’re perfectly happy with going to work each day and everything is just fine at home for you but this is not the reality for many Australians.

If someone breaks their leg, you can physically see the pain they are in and how it is affecting the way they operate on a day to day basis. Mental health and more specifically anxiety is quite different and may be invisible to the people around those who are suffering.

According to Heads Up, the biggest tell-tale sign that your colleague is experiencing anxiety in the workplace is a change in behaviour. This includes but is not limited to:

  • appearing restless, tense and on edge
  • avoiding certain workplace activities such as staff meetings
  • becoming overwhelmed or upset easily
  • finding it hard to make decisions
  • having difficulty meeting reasonable deadlines
  • referring to being constantly worried and appearing apprehensive

Here are some ways you can support your colleagues or your staff:

  • Ask the person if there is anything you can do for them. A simple, ‘Can I help with anything?’ will mean a lot
  • Help them to develop a plan to manage their workload
  • Make them feel included
  • Stay in touch if they need to take some time off
  • Always maintain privacy and confidentiality

These are only a few of the many ways you can support your colleagues experiencing mental illness. At Asset College, we promote a positive workplace culture and support options for both staff and students. This includes strict policies on workplace bullying and discrimination.

Are you or do you know someone that is suffering from a mental illness?

There’s help.

Visit the Heads Up website today.

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