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Are you presently employed as a security guard and wish to learn more and how to carry a weapon? Do you want to make a difference and find out more about security?

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You Presently Have No Security Training and Hold No Security License.

Before you can get your armed guard qualification, you first need to obtain or hold a Class 1 Security Providers License. You can receive all the training you need to get that license by attending the Certificate II in Security Operations Course from Asset Training Australia. You will learn how to communicate efficiently and follow safe work practices in the security industry, work productively, respond to a security risk situation, work as part of a security team, provide security services to clients, and apply first aid.

The Class 1 Security License is required to work in shopping centres, retail loss prevention, power stations, corporate security, building sites and patrols. You can then add functions to that license by getting training in an area like cash-in-transit, etc.

Getting Armed Guard Training once you have a Class 1 Security Providers License

If you already have a Class 1 Security Providers License, or if you are in the process of applying for one after completion of the Certificate II in Security Operations Course from Asset Training Australia, you may register for the Security and Defensive Tactics Course for the training necessary to be employed as an armed guard.

This program is intended to meet the requirements to obtain a Security Weapons Licence in Queensland. The course focuses on the skills and knowledge to safely determine a response to situations including the use of firearms, ballistic vests, batons and handcuffs. There is also instruction on weapon disarming and maintenance, as well as the legal use of force.

There is one day of live firearms training at the range. You will learn proper firearm safety. You will also learn proper firing technique from well-qualified coaches, and your skills will be evaluated. We will make sure that you not only gain the knowledge necessary to get your armed guard qualification but that you develop a safe and comfortable respect for firearms.

Whether you are just getting started in your security career or have held a Class 1 Security Providers License for years, now is the time to further your training and employability with an armed guard qualification. The doors to advancement may open. An entirely new exciting world of job opportunities will become realistic, as you will no longer be barred from holding these positions because you lack armed guard training. Sign up for the armed guard course today by contacting us by telephone at 1300 731 602. You can also reach us via the contact page.

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