The Skills and Qualifications You Will Need for Armed Security

armed security

The Skills and Qualifications You Will Need for Armed Security

The security industry has vast opportunities for those who want to work towards them. When starting your training with Asset College, you don’t just have to stop once you have received your Security Providers Licence!

Armed security is an area that interests a lot of Security Officers but there is a couple of steps you need to take to get there and some skills you’ll need to attain before you can start applying for roles.

Security Providers Licence

This one is pretty obvious. But you must have your security licence first. You must have completed the appropriate Cash-in-Transit training which allows you to add this as a function to your Security Providers Licence. The armed security cash in transit units are:

  • CPPSEC3118 Inspect and test cash-in-transit security equipment & rectify faults
  • CPPSEC3119 Implement cash-in-transit security procedures
  • CPPSEC3120 Load and unload cash-in-transit in secured and unsecured environments

Firearms and Defensive Tactics

Once you have that Cash-in-Transit function, the next step to working in armed security is completing what we at ASSET call, Firearms and Defensive Tactics. This is a 7 day face to face course with intensive training on weapon retention, disarming, maintenance and the legalities pertaining to use of force.

Once you have successfully completed this course you can then apply for your Occupational Firearms Licence which are administered by QLD Weapons Licensing.

The armed security industry is open to both men and women! You may also be required to gain your MR or HR drivers licence if you will be required to drive armoured vehicles.

Generally, other skills and attributes that you should have when entering armed security include:

  • Professional appearance and attitude
  • Ability to strictly adhere to organisational policies and procedures
  • Work well in a team environment
  • Be physically and mentally fit
  • Basic competency in mathematics and English
  • Working with children check (Blue Card)
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritise and work under pressure

So, are you interested in armed security?

Contact us today to discuss your Occupational Firearms training requirements!

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