ASSET Townsville Security Graduate Saves Life

ASSET Townsville Security Graduate Saves Life

It is rare to find a positive story about a security officer, it shouldn’t be but it is.

The media is quick to jump on anything negative and turn it into news, yet everyday we see frontline security officers doing their best to help with the safety and security of everyone in our communities.

Recently – 24th July – we had International Security Officers’ Day. The significance of the date, lost on many, is that private security officers are out there 24 hours a day 7 days every week looking after us.

On an August night this year in Townsville a young pregnant woman put this message
on Facebook:

“Looking for a security guard named Justin who works around the willows. You
saved my partner’s life on Monday night after an accident and he’d like to buy you a
beer once he is able to.”

Justin Bendall-Harris is an experienced security guard who works for ASIAL member G&T Security in Townsville. He was conducting his usual nightly mobile patrol run when a motor bike ahead of him had a collision with a 4 wheel drive at a roundabout.

The bike was almost split in two. The petrol tank was ripped open. The rider was severly injured.

Injuries we now find include: a broken jaw, lost teeth, fractured skull, fractured eyes sockets, a broken nose, a broken wrist and many other injuries serious enough on their own but combined can only be described as life threatening.

Justin told ASIAL that his “training and experience kicked in”. He made the scene safe from other traffic, called 000 for police, ambulance and fire. Pretty standard stuff, but many people without his experience and training would not have the presence of mind to get this done and look after the injured bike rider quickly and efficiently.

No one stopped to help.

Justin realised that the trauma of such a horrible accident could quickly put the bike rider into shock and possibly be fatal. He comforted the bike rider until the paramedics arrived and called the rider’s partner to let her know what had happended.

Maddison, who put up the Facebook post – which now has 400+ likes – and her partner, are soon to be parents and she is grateful for Justin saving his life.

Justin is very humble about the role he played. He says he did what he was trained to do and then went on to finish his shift for G&T Security. He has since visited the hospital to continue to provide comfort and support.

“The paramedics saved his life” he said “I just made sure he didn’t go into shock before they got to the accident”.

That is often what helps a trauma victim to survive.

There is no doubt that by comforting the bike rider and staying with him until the paramedics arrived, Justin Bendall-Harris did help to save his life.

We all should give a big shout out to Justin and all of the other security officers whose selfless acts go unnoticed as they carry out their work 24/7.

Justin is a graduate of ASSET’s Townsville security course.

This article was first published by ASIAL. Original publication link here.

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