Landscaper at 19, Aviation Security Screener by 20!

Landscaper at 19, Aviation Security Screener by 20!

Before starting the path into security I was a landscaper. After doing that for about two years out of high school I wanted to try something different. I knew about Asset College from when I did my firearms safety course with them out at North Lakes.

Mike contacted me knowing that I was interested in doing security and invited me to an information session about it. Not knowing anything about the industry and this was to be my first impression of it. After the session Mike let us know that there was a Certificate III in Security Operations coming up and after hearing him talk about it I jumped on it right away.

I finished the course with Matthew and Lynn, who were fantastic! I loved the course and hearing everything about security and some of the situations they have had to deal with just made the course more enjoyable throughout the two weeks. The trainers spoke about real life situations which were fascinating and helpful.

ASSET referred me to ISS and I applied after getting my security licence and about two weeks later I heard back saying Congratulations, I had got an interview! About an hour after the email I got a phone call asking if I can come in for an interview the next day. The interview was very calm compared to other interviews and the staff at ISS were extremely helpful in the whole process which took some of the pressure off like you usually have when going to an interview.

To start at ISS they asked me to get my Aviation Transport Protection certificate and of course I went back to ASSET to get that as well! My instructor Craig was amazing! Helping me get that confidence and a little bit of an idea about the role I was going for really helped when starting up at ISS.

I’m now working at ISS and it’s been great! The staff/ team I’ve been working with have been amazing! I couldn’t be happier.

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone at Asset College for helping me every single step of the way through the whole process. It really gave a lot of peace of mind hearing the great things about the security industry and it makes me proud to be a part of it!

I couldn’t be happier I chose Asset College and I look forward to going back to get more certificates in the near future!!

Thank you to Nicholas for allowing us to share his story.

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