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Batons and Handcuffs

This skill-set is for Security Officers who are required to use Batons and Handcuffs as part of their role.

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Batons and Handcuffs

Skill-set for participants with Security Officer (Unarmed) licence

It is a very commonly asked question – when can a security officer carry/use batons and handcuffs? The answer – when they have been trained, have authority from their employer and when they have a genuine reason (eg. patrols, working alone, night shifts, etc). They are NOT to be carried for crowd control, private investigations, debt collections or when off duty.

This course provides participants with the skills to assess a risk situation, respond to and manage a risk situation using batons and handcuffs as well as an in depth understanding of the legalities pertaining to the use of force. Weapon retention, weapon disarming, maintenance, storage and transport of restricted items are also covered.

The instructors are industry professionals with extensive experience in the use of defensive weapons.

Course Outcomes

A Statement of Attainment will be awarded upon successful completion of this course. This will be advantageous for job roles which require the carry and use of Batons and Handcuffs.

Entry Requirements

Must have completed at a minimum a Certificate II in Security Operations.

Must be 18 years or age or older and have had no criminal convictions in previous 10 years to be eligible for a Security Providers Licence. Note; driving offences (e.g. speeding, drink driving, etc.) are not normally disqualifying offences.

Must be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or hold an appropriate Visa to work in the Security Industry in Queensland.

Participants may choose to undertake an LLN assessment with one of our qualified assessors prior to committing to their enrolment in this qualification.

Please be advised we are unable to train students on a student visa. You must find a CRICOS registered training provider.

Units of Competency

This qualification is customisable to suit the needs of individual participants and includes a total of two elective units.

Elective units

  • CPPSEC3014A Control persons using baton
  • CPPSEC3015A Restrain persons using handcuffs

For information with regards to more elective units, please contact us.

Delivery Options

This qualification is available through face to face learning only. This is a one day in-class experience with a qualified and experienced trainer and interactive classroom. Traditional self-paced work books are required and these will need to be completed outside of the face-to-face training. The workshop focuses on the practical components of these units of competency.

The course is delivered through practical training, scenarios, role plays and group discussions.

Course is only available at our QLD offices. Please contact us for information about courses in other states.

Course Fees

Course fees may vary depending on delivery location of this course.



“I completed a security course with ASSET on the Gold Coast. I also completed a Batons and Handcuffs and Firearms course. I feel that the level of competence provided by Lee and his team is of the highest standard, which provided for me personally a sound understanding of firearms safety and related weapons techniques. After spending 22 years in the New South Wales Police Force I believe that the team at ASSET are a highly professional, responsible, and caring group.”

Mike Donnelly