Benefits of First Aid Training

benefits of first aid training

Benefits of First Aid Training

Life can throw unexpected situations our way. While we can’t prepare for everything that may happen, we can take steps to improve our knowledge and skills for if and when situations do occur.

One skill you might like to learn is first aid. There are many benefits of first aid training. Below, we take a look at some of these benefits, and reasons why you might consider becoming trained in administering first aid.

What is first aid and why is it important?

According to Health Direct, first aid is a term that covers “the steps taken to help an injured or sick person in the first minutes after an illness or injury”. First aid is not intended to replace medical intervention, but to provide assistance in an emergency situation.

So, why is first aid important?

Knowing how to administer first aid is a handy skill to have, and it could even help you to save a life one day! First aid training can teach you methods for providing assistance for accidents and injuries.

The importance of first aid is not to be ignored, particularly for those who live with vulnerable persons, or who work in a place with vulnerable persons. There are many benefits to providing workplace first aid training. Being able to provide help for others is a huge positive of undertaking first aid training.

Potentially help those in need

Knowing how to apply basic first aid can be incredibly helpful in a range of different situations. These skills can be beneficial for if you:

  • Need to provide assistance to an elderly person who has fallen
  • Need to attend to an injury in the office
  • Wish to apply a topical treatment to a sting or bite
  • Are looking to efficiently remove a splinter
  • Wish to apply a temporary bandage

First aid can also be helpful to know if you are involved in or witness a fire or car accident. Car accidents can be complex, so along with first aid, it can be good to know what to do if you are involved in one.

Learn how to use a first aid kit

A first aid kit is a staple in countless workplaces and homes, yet many may not know how to use one efficiently. These kits can include bandages, plasters, gauze, eye dressings, tweezers, antiseptic cream, and wipes. During a first aid course, you will learn how to efficiently use many of the items found in a standard first aid kit.

Other benefits of first aid training

Better Health Victoria states: “It is a good idea to take a first aid course so that you can recognise an emergency and give basic first aid until professional help arrives”.

There are lots of benefits of first aid training, including:

Boosting confidence in unexpected situations

First aid training can help instil confidence in a person’s ability to react quickly and calmly to an emergency health, illness, or injury situation. The knowledge gained during a course is designed to cover a range of different situations. Basic first aid courses include learning the DRSABCD method, using bandages, and providing assistance for a person who is choking.

Potential shorter recovery time for the patient

Responding quickly and with knowledge to an emergency situation can sometimes help to reduce patient recovery time. Knowing how to provide first aid in an unexpected situation means you can leap into action, rather than needing to wait for someone who knows first aid to show up.

Learning how to provide comfort

Sometimes, you may need to provide first aid for less serious situations. A first aid course can also help you apply first aid to small cuts, mosquito bites, and bruises. While these may not be life-threatening, knowing how to calmly apply aid could be beneficial for the patient. The course will also teach you how to remain calm, which should hopefully in turn keep patients calmer too.

Identifying potential hazards

First aid training can help you to identify potential hazards in your environment. This could mean at home, at work, or when you are out and about. This identification can hopefully mean eliminating these hazards before a dangerous situation occurs. You may also be able to identify hazards as a situation is occurring and potentially prevent further harm.

There are many advantages of first aid training, and undertaking a first aid course can be a great way to learn more! Get qualified in First Aid with the HLTAID003 Provide First Aid or HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid.

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