Career Change Q&A with Chris Coleman


Last year, Chris Coleman took the plunge and decided to leave the tools to their own devices in his workshop and head to one of Asset College’s Security Operations classes – he says, he’s never looked back. We speak to Chris about his motivations for change and what it’s been like for him managing 2 jobs – both of which, he loves.

What made you want to do a security course?

I never thought of security as a job that could be as rewarding as I now know it to be. Basically, I saw an advertisement from Asset College and decided to give it a go – it was as simple as that and now here I am.

Was it hard to get through your course and find security jobs while you were working in your business full-time?

No, the course was very well laid out, which made the days in training go really quickly. The team at Asset College were always (and still are for me!) available to answer any questions that I had. Because Asset’s courses are highly regarded in the industry, it was easy for me find employment when I had received my licence.

What do you love about security?

Security has given me the ability to meet and interact with people in a social environment – something I had never had before. My previous job kept me stuck in a workshop for 8 hours a day. Not only has this built my network but I also take pride in the fact that I am the one people come to for help should they need it on a night out.

Did you ever think you would be in the position you are today?

I always thought that I would be stuck on the ‘hamster wheel’, but since starting, security has opened up so many more doors and given me so many new experiences (I have provided security for singers and sports stars and other high profile clients.. pretty cool!)

What is the hardest part about being a security officer?

The hardest part of security would be dealing with intoxicated people and sometimes getting abused physically and verbally. But, working within a team environment, we all look after each other and even support each other outside of work. The guys I work with I now call my family.

What are you three tips for prospective security professionals wanting to get ahead?

Give it a go – the experiences you have are unbelievable, never be over-confidence and always be aware of your surroundings and finally, leave your attitude and ego at home because there is no place for this in our industry.

What do you say to all of those people who are not sure whether security is for them?

If you have the opportunity to complete a security course, I say, go for it. I personally never would have thought I would do this job but I love it and the experiences and people are beyond words. The sky really is the limit when it comes to a career in security and it’s what you choose today that will determine your future.

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