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North Lakes Student Recognised for Giving Ultimate Gift


North Lakes Student Recognised for Giving Ultimate Gift

On the 7th of December, at the Asset Training Australia office in North Lakes, previous student, Rhys Collins received rightful recognition for his brave acts that ultimately saved the life of his neighbour earlier in the year, receiving a Save a Life Award.

Rhys had just returned home from work when his elderly neighbour confronted him in hysterics in his driveway stating that her friend had fallen over, was now unconscious and not breathing.

Rhys, who had just completed his First Aid refresher training at ASSET only a few days earlier did not hesitate and attended the scene. He immediately began performing CPR for around 8 minutes until the man’s colour began to return, he had a weak pulse and began breathing again.  Emergency services then arrived and Rhys assisted until they could take over.

Issued by the Australian Security Medals Foundation in conjunction with St Johns Ambulance, the Save a Life Award is awarded to those who contribute, through the application of First Aid skills to saving the life of another person.

Rhys was nominated by a Asset Training Australia staff member after hearing news of the incident and Rhys’ actions.

In attendance at the event were Asset Training Australia staff and students, family of Rhys Collins and the local MP for Petrie, Luke Howarth who was able to present Rhys with his award.

We would again like to congratulate Rhys on receiving this much-deserved award and thank him for his service to the community and the family and friends of the man whose life he ultimately saved.

Check out more pictures from the day on our Facebook page.

Read more of Rhys’ story from earlier in the year on our website. 

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