What Jobs Can I Get With Brisbane Security Courses?

what security course do i need

What Jobs Can I Get With Brisbane Security Courses?

The security industry is diverse and offers a lot of opportunities for people who are more than happy to gain experience in all areas as they work towards their ultimate goal.

Brisbane security courses will help you to gain a Security Providers Licence that will then allow you to work in the security industry. But you can’t do that until you’ve done the right training and determining exactly what you need to do can be tricky.

Asset College runs Brisbane security courses starting at the Certificate II level – which is the new requirement for licensing right across the country.

The CPP20218 will be the first Brisbane security course you will need to undertake.

On completion of this qualification you can then apply to the Office of Fair Trading for a Security Providers licence with the functions Unarmed Security Officer, Crowd Controller and Monitoring.

What jobs will this allow me to apply for?

  • Retail Security – working in shopping centres as a Security Officer
  • Concierge Security – working in corporate or government buildings as a Security Officer
  • Patrol Security – working to patrol buildings in a vehicle to ensure their security, usually overnight
  • Control Room Security – working in monitoring centres watching CCTV or monitoring back to base alarm systems
  • Crowd Control Security – working in pubs, clubs and at large scale events as a Security Officer

Other areas that you will be able to apply for jobs in include:

  • Casinos and gaming venues
  • Hospitals, universities and schools
  • Gatehouse
    • Warehouses
    • Factories
    • Distribution centres

As you can see the opportunities for work in the security industry are vast!

There are other Brisbane Security courses you may need to complete in order to enter areas of the industry not listed here.

This includes:

  • Aviation Protection Officer

To enter this part of the industry you need to complete further training. The initial qualification is the AVI20118 Certificate II in Transport Security Protection.

  • Cash in Transit Officer

To enter this part of the industry you need to go on to also complete the Cash In Transit component which is added to your Security Providers Licence. You then need to complete the Firearms and Defensive Tactics course which on successful completion will allow you to apply for an Occupational Firearms Licence. This licence is separate from your Security Providers Licence.

  • RSA and White Card

It is advisable that you complete both of these qualifications when doing Brisbane Security Courses too. That is because the RSA will be required if you want to work anywhere around alcohol! The White Card is required if you want to work in any security positions in the construction industry.

To sum up, there are many options for Brisbane Security Courses so it is important to do thorough research before determining your pathway.

Asset College’s Free Security Career Information sessions can help you do this. Book for either a face to face or online session today to find out more.

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