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Let Asset College Help You Build Your Small Business

small business


  • the existing skills and abilities in your business
  • areas where existing skills and knowledge
    could be improved
  • areas where you or your employees would like
    and may need to gain new skills

Asset College are able to provide a free skills assessment that can help you optimise your goals.

Gain the tools to audit existing skills and abilities in your business, to help assist in creating a sustainable training plan that can help you achieve your business goals.


  • how to clearly identify and enhance any ‘skill’ gaps
  • what type of training your business would benefit from
  • where to best focus your team’s professional development


small business
  • Government incentives, subsidies and programs that may be available to your business and team members

Discover more below!

About Asset College

Asset College is a Leading Nationally Recognised Training (RTO) provider with over 14 years experience of delivering quality training solutions to businesses and individuals across Australia.

We are proud to provide training in the following areas:

Plus, much more!

We provide accredited training ranging from Certificate II through to Graduate Diploma level, plus a range of non-accredited professional development solutions that can be tailored to meet the individual needs.

Small and ‘Micro’ Business Focused Solutions

If you are a small business in Australia, you are not alone. Based upon the Australian Governments, ‘’Small Business Counts’’ report (2016), small business employing less than 19 people accounted for 97% of all Australian business by employee size!

“Using the employment measure of small business, there were 2,065,523 small businesses in Australia employing less than 19 people, accounting for 97 per cent of all Australian businesses by employee size. There were 51,000 medium sized businesses, employing 20 to 199 employees, which is 2.4 per cent of all firms. Only 3,700 Australian firms employed over 200 people in 2015, meaning that large businesses account for only 0.2 per cent of all Australian businesses.”

“The majority, 61 per cent, of Australian businesses by number are sole traders with no employees. Micro business with 1-4 employees account for 27 per cent of Australian businesses. Small businesses with 5-19 employees comprise 9 per cent of Australian firms. Only 3 per cent of Australian businesses have 20 or more employees.”

You can read the full report here.

Our goal is to help sole traders become small businesses and to assist small businesses to grow in both employment and profitability.

Asset College offers Nationally Recognised Training in some key small business areas including Administration, Customer Engagement, Micro Business Operations, Small Business Management, Retail and more.

Training for your team

small business

Forbes recently stated:

“Well-trained employees:

  1. Represent your company to the best of their ability and ensure that anyone who comes in contact with them has a stellar experience
  2. Speak knowledgeably about the industry and provide a great customer experience no matter their role in the company
  3. Help establish effective and inclusive processes to help ensure the business runs smoothly”

Forces Community Voice

“Developing your skills and the skills of your employees can help to keep your business competitive. Investing in skills and training can increase productivity and innovation, help you attract and retain high quality employees and improve customer satisfaction.” –

Where do I start?

Asset College can assist you to assess the skills in your business to help create a training plan. A skills assessment of you and your employees can help you work out:

  • the existing skills and abilities in your business
  • areas where existing skills and knowledge could be improved
  • areas where you or your employees would like to gain new skills

Talk to your employees about the sorts of skills they think might help them do their job more effectively.

An effective training plan can assist in focusing your business goals. It should include:

  • Immediate, short term and longer term priorities
  • Skill gaps that need addressing
  • The types of training your employees feel they need
  • The types of training available – both accredited and non-accredited
  • Government supported training options, including formal training, apprenticeships and traineeships, workplace mentoring, government courses, and free online learning.

Asset College can assist you to navigate the many option available.

Another great place to start is by accessing the Federal Government’s My Skills site

Queensland specific Small Business Subsidies and Programs

Queensland Small Businesses can benefit from a range of subsidised training and employment support programs that target and offer real benefits to Small Business owners and their teams.

Programs offered by the Queensland Government include:

The qualifications that may be available to eligible participants under the above funding programs through Asset College include:

Asset College can assist you to navigate options available ensuring you develop a sustainable plan of attack.


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