Call Centre Operators – Top 5 Skills To Be Successful


Call Centre Operators – Top 5 Skills To Be Successful

Working in customer engagement as a Call Centre Operator can be a rewarding role.

You spend all day helping people with what they need.

There’s always work going in the industry and the median weekly pay rate is $1,186 according to the Australian Government Job Outlook website.

What does a Call Centre Operator do?  

A Call Centre Operator is responsible for answering calls, enquiries and emails for the business.

They help identify the needs of a client and look for resolutions. They also record information about the client or customer, adding it to a database so that the company has everything they need to better assist that client in the future.

They fill in paperwork, complete clerical work and filing, issue invoices and take payments and liaise with different departments to ensure the customer’s needs are met.

A Call Centre Operator is the heart and soul of the business.

They are on the front lines of customer service and the important aspect of their role is helping people. These skilled operators know all the ins and outs of the products or services offered by the business and they offer value to the customer’s experience by providing detailed and personally tailored information to help the client or customer chose the right product or service for their needs.

What skills do you need to work as a Call Centre Operator?

Customer service is a huge factor for businesses.

According to Microsoft’s Global Consumer Service Report, 58% of customers say customer service is a very important factor that affects their choice of brand.  This just illustrates the extreme importance of quality workers in this coveted industry.

These are the top five skills you’ll need if you want to become a Call Centre Operator.  

People skills

This job is all about people.

So, it’s a given that you’ll have to be a people person. You’ll need to enjoy talking to people and be able to build a rapport easily and quickly. Not only do you deal with clients and customers from all walks of life but you also have to collaborate with various departments in the company to get your client’s needs met.

Communication skills

This role requires excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Jumping from online enquiries to phone calls to email enquiries, you’ll need to be a fast and efficient communicator without compromising the customer’s experience.

Be a Fast Learner

A call centre is a fast-paced environment.

You’ll need to be a quick learner, picking up skills and working on upgrading your knowledge of the company’s products and services regularly. You’ll need to be across everything they do and how it is done to be able to provide the best possible service to the customers.

Problem Solving Skills 

Call Centre Operators often have to employ creative problem-solving skills in their dealings with customers and clients.

Drawing on your knowledge of the business’s services and products, you’ll need to think outside the box to resolve any issues the customer might have and provide a solution that will ultimately tailor their experience with the company to fit their needs.


In this industry you can deal with up 50 enquiries a day, each requiring specific information and follow up tasks.

Multitasking is a valuable skill for Call Centre Operators. You’ll have to be good at jumping between tasks as the day dictates and using time management to make sure the needs of each client you deal with are met.

Looking to hone your skills in customer service or gain a role as a Call Centre Operator?

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