Course Training for Cash-In-Transit Qualification

Are you interested in obtaining formal training that will allow you upgrade your knowledge and open doors to other areas of security? Do you feel like you are not advancing in the security industry as fast as you could?

Then you should consider contacting Asset Training Australia and adding a Security Officer (Cash-In-Transit) function to your Class 1 Security Providers License.

We have all seen the armoured cars pull up to a bank or retail establishment to pick up or drop off money. You have probably noticed that the officers operate with a level of precision and seem to know exactly what they are doing. You may even have wondered “Why are they doing some of those things and where did they learn it?”

How to Obtain a Cash-In-Transit Qualification

The answer is that you first need to obtain or hold a Class 1 Security Providers License. If you hold a Class 1 Security Providers License, then Asset Training Australia can provide you with the cash-in-transit training to add that function to your license. Sign up for the Cash-in-Transit course to obtain this valuable and necessary certification.

Whether you have no prior Security training or experience, or have been working in the field for years and would like to broaden your horizons, we can provide you with training in a variety of areas within the field of security.

In the realm of Security Operations, we offer programs tailored toward obtaining the Certificate II in Security Operations, Certificate II in Security Operations and firearms and defensive tactics. We also offer the exciting training for Aviation, Maritime and Security Screening.

There are programs focused on Security monitoring, baton and handcuff use, body guarding, crowd control and first aid and how to control persons using empty hand techniques. We also teach techniques useful in managing conflict through negotiation.

The cash-in-transit training course lasts one day and is offered by Asset Training Australia in four separate locations. Choose the date and place that is most convenient for you.

The course provides training and instruction on how to load and unload cash-in-transit in an unsecured environment. Also, how to implement cash-in-transit security procedures and how to inspect and test cash-in-transit security equipment.

Additional Training

After obtaining the cash-in-transit qualification, many participants take some additional courses to further their skills and education, such as Firearms & Defensive Tactics, Batons and Handcuffs, Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management and Certificate III in Investigative Services.

Asset Training Australia prides itself on delivering exceptional training and assessment with an emphasis on industry knowledge and skills for the workforce. We have offices all across QLD. We provide trainers with real world industry techniques, knowledge and connections. We help students through the entire process of obtaining their goals and certifications. We take great pride in our reputation among security employers.

Asset Training Australia invites you to contact us by telephone at 1300 731 602.