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RPL or Online Study?


RPL or Online Study? If you’ve been out there in your field working your way up and you realise you want the qualification show for it, then the dilemma becomes do you go for it through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) because you have the experience or do you do…

RPL in Australia

RPL in Australia

RPL in Australia RPL in Australia is relatively cost effective and quite easy to obtain, if you have the documented evidence. Recognition of prior learning is an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual's relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine the credit outcomes of…

RPL Assessment

RPL assessment

RPL Assessment An RPL assessment can be a quick and easy way to be awarded a nationally recognised qualification. In vocational education and training, recognition of prior learning is common practice but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the RPL assessment process is commonly known or understood. The process doesn’t involve…

Top 10 RPL Qualifications

RPL qualifications

Top 10 RPL Qualifications Ever wondered what people are ‘RPLing?’ Here are the top 10 RPL qualifications in the 2020 financial year. Recognition of Prior Learning is generally a quick and easy way for experienced people to gain formal qualifications, recognising the skills and knowledge that they already have. We…

Thinking of RPL for 2019?

RPL application

Thinking of RPL for 2019? Recognition of Prior Learning is a process that is sometimes hard to explain – considering that each RPL application is different and each RPL applicant requires their own plan of attack. When attempting to answer frequently asked questions from potential RPL students, sometimes there is…

Marketing RPL: Are you a marketer with all the experience but no qualifications?

marketing RPL

Here's What You Can Get.... As a seasoned Marketing Professional, it is likely that you will have completed many non-accredited training programs during your career. These can range from online tutorials, professional development days or attending seminars during work hours. Did you know that these activities can be used in…

Post-Graduate RPL Gives Pathway to MBA

post-graduate RPL gives pathway to MBA

Post-graduate RPL gives pathway to MBA ASSET has recently partnered with Southern Cross University to offer students from post-graduate qualifications an opportunity to gain credit towards a Master of Business Administration. Experienced Leaders and Managers who choose to complete our Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) through RPL will receive a…

Media Release: Get Qualified Australia Pty Ltd in Liquidation

get qualified in liquidation

Media Release Get Qualified Australia Pty Ltd (in Liquidation) Asset Training Australia was notified today (21 March 2017) that Get Qualified Australia Pty Ltd had gone into voluntary administration, and that the administrator has decided to place the company into liquidation. Get Qualified Australia had a formal partnership arrangement with…

RPL in a Nutshell


RPL in a Nutshell RPL has become a buzzword among those who are seeking to gain a qualification. Over the last few decades, it has also evolved as various VET systems develop. Given its increasing popularity, more and more people today are considering taking the RPL route to achieve a…

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