Celebrating International Women’s Day – Women in Security

International Womens Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day – Women in Security

International Women’s Day is today. This day aims to promote and influence the need for women in the workforce. Equality in the workplace is high on the agenda this year with the theme #BeBoldForChange showcasing there is still so much work to be done in regards to gender equality.

When most people think about the security industry, their mind is filled with images of burly men, bouncing out the front of nightclubs in the inner city precincts. In fact, this is as far from the correct image as possible. Security services have moved from a predominantly protection based industry to a customer service based industry in the last 10 years.

With a need for great customer service, comes a need for a female presence across a number of different working environments in this industry.

Kerry Thompson, State Manager for Wilson Security says working in the security industry is exactly what she wants to do.

“There was not a lot for me to consider when joining the security industry as a woman. My motivation was about me actually wanting to be in it. Encouragement for women to enter the security industry, just like any other service industry is essential as we are just as capable of doing the job equal to men based on experience, merit and skills”.

Although the security industry is intent on increasing the amount of women joining the profession, attracting them into the field in operational roles remains a challenge.

“As a female leader in the industry, the best thing for me is the ability to pioneer a way for women to enter the Security Industry”, Kerry says.

Security companies in Australia rely on females in roles such as screening, concierge, retail and monitoring. Women really are leading the way in this service industry.

Denise, just recently completing her training with ASSET says that before she decided to make the career change, she was unaware that security was a viable and sustainable option for her.

“I decided to make a career change and booked in for the security operations course. The trainers were excellent and I went on to do aviation screening as well where females are always in demand. I thoroughly recommend females to consider going into this industry as we are most definitely needed!”

ASSET are proudly helping to continue to change the gender stereotypes that exist in the security industry. Although we have seen a drastic improvement in the past few years, there is still a lot of work to do in promoting the diverse nature of the security industry and the positive outlook it has towards women of all ages.

So, join us and the rest of the country today in supporting equality for women, not just in security, but across every industry, workplace and home!

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