Today's Options for Getting Your Certificate IV in Project Management Practice Include Online Study and RPL

Project Management is the world’s fastest growing profession. You might have already known that, as project management has become a coveted crossover skill in an evolving working world where having one or two long-term jobs for the entirety of one’s career is being phased out by short-term project jobs. It’s not uncommon for an individual to have six or more career changes over their working lifetime, and project management skills can carry over easily from one profession to the next. That’s why you’re interested in getting that Certificate IV in Project Management Practice, right? Even if you already have some work experience in project management under your belt and can do the job, it helps to have the official qualifications, and there are plenty of options for obtaining your Certificate IV in Project Management Practice online if you need flexibility.

Receiving A Study Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

If you are new to project management or need to brush up on a few things, obtaining a study Certificate IV in Project Management Practice online or in a group setting might be the way to go. Although we don’t offer the Project Management course in class, we can schedule workshops for groups of 5 or more students. For those who require more flexibility, though, we offer options for studying on your own time with our study online course (which has a 12-month completion time limit), or you can study online at our facilities, with our resources and equipment (at no extra cost!)

Obtaining an RPL Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

This is one of the most modern and innovative ways for obtaining certification. You may have heard the phrase RPL and wondered, “What does that mean?”. Simply put, RPL, or Recognition of Prior Learning, is a process by which skills and knowledge obtained outside the classroom are recognised corresponding to a particular set of standards, with the purpose of securing an official qualification or achievement. The scope is broad, as RPLs include knowledge gained at any point in a candidate’s life, through informal or formal learning, work or volunteer activities, and across the globe. As long as evidence can be provided to support an individual’s claims of their competency, it can be accepted as part of an RPL. The advantages of this should be immediately recognisable. The process makes it very simple and straightforward to assess an individual’s skills and knowledge, regardless of their precise place of origin. An RPL Certificate IV in Project Management Practice makes it easy to apply the skills you already have to a qualification while saving yourself time and money.

Where to Go For Your Certificate?

Consider Asset Training Australia your first choice. We have a decade of experience and multiple locations dedicated to delivering exceptional training and assessment with an emphasis on industry knowledge and skills for the workforce. We provide trainers with real industry skills, knowledge, and connections, and are dedicated to going out of our way for students to help them achieve throughout the entire certification process. Call us today on 1300 731 602, or email us at [email protected] to find out more about how we can help you achieve the certification you’ve been after!