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Get Started in the Education Field: Study a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Online or Using RPL Qualifications

More and more, students are waking up to the many excellent education opportunities that exist here in Australia. From university education to vocational training opportunities, there are paths to successful careers for virtually everyone, no matter their economic status or current level of experience and education.

Introducing the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Programme Online

By enrolling in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment programme through Asset Training Australia, you can start helping students just like you to realise the dreams they have carried for years. This programme—part of Asset Training Australia’s Education and Training department—will prepare you for a career in the vocation education and training (VET) sector.

Whether you are interested in starting your own registered training organisation, joining an RTO as an instructor in a subject you are passionate about or dispensing workplace training for an enterprise, choosing to study the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment will serve as a terrific stepping stone to get you there.

You do not need to have any previous experience working in the educational or training fields to apply for or take this course. In fact, most of the courses you will come across in the Asset Training Australia catalogue won’t require any professional or educational prerequisites. However, given the nature of the training programme and the career paths it supports, students in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment programme are expected to have English, math and literacy skills equivalent to Year 11 in public education study.

While professional prerequisites are not required for this programme, those with such qualifications are welcome to apply. At Asset Training Australia, we offer a unique RPL version of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course. If you have previously worked at an RTO, served as an aide or assistant in an educational environment or provided workplace training, you may be eligible to transfer those skills and apply them towards your certification. Contact Asset Training Australia if you have any questions about this possibility.

Enjoy Flexible Learning Options with Asset Training Australia

For the most part, you will study your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course online. However, at Asset Training Australia, we also understand that a huge part of learning how to teach is gaining a greater understanding and respect for the classroom environment.

As such, our organisation has always strived to offer flexible learning opportunities with plenty of ongoing support. For this particular course, we offer four methods of delivery: online using your own resources, online using our facilities and resources, an in-class workshop or the RPL option above. With these options, you will have opportunities to work at your own pace while still retaining direct contact with your trainers—either online or face-to-face.

Education is a terrific field that offers consistent enrichment. The relationships you develop with your students—whether they are learners working towards RTO certifications or professionals learning new competencies in the workplace—are valuable and rewarding in ways that few other things are.

If you think this field sounds like the right fit for you, click here to enrol in Certificate IV in Training and Assessment through Asset Training Australia.

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