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Looking for Your CG3? Get Your Certificate 3 Guarantee Easily by Taking a Course

If you’re trying to get your Certificate 3, you’re probably going for a job in a specific industry that won’t hire you without it. Having a Certificate 3 is a useful thing to have, simply because you can use it for so many different sectors, but you certainly don’t want to lose out on a job just because you don’t have one. The question is, how do you go about earning a Certificate 3 in the specific field you plan on working in, especially if you’ve just come out of the military and haven’t found a way to get one yet?

The easiest way is to find a company or an institution that will offer you a Certificate 3 Guarantee. This method is easiest when you’ve served in the military since some places will offer you a C3G as part of the Queensland Government’s VET Investment Plan. An institution can help qualified individuals complete their first post-school Certificate 3 level qualification and increase their skills so that they can transition into employment, re-enter the workforce or move an existing career forward.

If you’re looking for a way to get your C3G, your best option is to go through Asset Training Australia. We’ve spent the last ten years dedicating ourselves to providing high-quality training in several fields to people from military backgrounds and many other walks of life who are trying to gain valuable professional qualifications. These qualifications include Certificate 3 training for business, business administration, customer engagement, investigative services, micro business operations, outdoor recreation, and security operations—all of which we can apply to our Certificate 3 Guarantee.

Choose the Program for Your Certificate 3 Guarantee

The wide variety of courses available through Asset Training Australia means that you can use our C3G to prepare yourself for careers across a broad spectrum of lucrative fields. Our Certificate 3 in Business Administration can help you find a place on any admin team, opening up opportunities in data entry, reception, clerking, word processing and administration assistance. Our Certificate 3 in Investigative Services, on the other hand, could land you a job as a private investigator or an insurance fraud investigator. The possibilities are manifold when you come to us for your Certificate 3, and our C3G makes it easier than ever to obtain one—in whatever field you plan on building your career.

A Decade of Quality Experience

People trust Asset Training Australia because we’ve been helping people achieve measurable results for ten years. Employers recognise our name on a resume, and they know that we base the certificates we provide on quality instruction and thorough training. That means that you can maximise your chances of stable employment when you get your Certificate 3 through one of our programs. If you’re trying to get your C3G, there’s no better way to do it than by choosing Asset Training Australia. Contact us today and get started on the route to a more rewarding career.

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