Choosing a Security Company For Your Business

choosing a security company

Choosing a Security Company For Your Business

When you’re in the market for security services it can be hard to know which company is right for you. There are so many factors to consider like the types of services offered, the costs involved and the reporting systems. But we’ve got some actionable tips to help you navigate this difficult decision.

Establish your needs

Each person or organisation is going to have different needs for their security providers to meet. For some up to the minute tech-savy reporting systems are a must have, for others it’s highly experienced guards. Knowing what your needs are and what’s most important to you will help you to refine the decision.

Vet the company

Before you decide on a security company you’ll want to do some research.

Find out what previous customers thought of the experience with that company, check out their testimonials and reviews. You want to be make sure the company has delivered on promises to previous clients and provided a good service overall. You wouldn’t just wander into a random accountant’s office and ask them to do your taxes without any knowledge about the business they worked for and likewise you’ll want to vet the security company and make sure you’re confident they are right for you.

Get referrals

You may have friends who have engaged the services of a security company, or peers through your local business support groups. Contact a few people and get some referrals for the companies they have used and liked. It can help the decision-making process to discuss it with someone who has been through it before, and personal referrals are usually more trustworthy than google reviews.

Check Credentials

If you’re hiring guards as part of the service you’ll be getting from this security company you’ll want to make sure all guards hold the correct licences and have completed the training required for the role.

While this will be the case at most security companies as they shouldn’t be operating without this, it is still worth checking out. Find out the requirements for your state and confirm all the guards meet those requirements before thinking seriously about hiring through the company.

Find the right guards

It might not seem that important right now but something you have to remember about your security guards is that they will be working for the security company and not directly for you. Have a chat with the company about what kinds of guards they have, what sort of experience those guards have and how they would choose the right team of guards for you.

If you’re running a business with a heavy focus on customer service, you don’t want guards who have been on roving duty not seeing another soul for the past four years. And likewise, if you’re after some after-hours patrol guards then you don’t need a group of chatty Cathys who have been working hotel concierge for years.

Make sure the company will choose the right guards for you and take your needs and their personalities into consideration.


The security company will have it’s own insurance for those working with you as a part of the contract. Sit down with your insurance provider and go over the company’s insurance policies, make sure there are no glaring omissions. Depending on what you’ll have the company doing there may be additional things you want to have covered. By going through their insurance policy with your provider you can fill any holes in their policy to ensure you’re covered in the worst-case scenarios. Because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Go over the fine print

Remember to check out their contracts and policies thoroughly. You don’t want to miss something crucial like their absentee and staff replacement policy.

How your contract will work with the security company will change client to client and company to company as each one will be different. But there are a few things you should think about.

For example, employee absence. If a guard is not able to make a shift or does not turn up will they replace that guard for the shift, and will there be any additional charges?  How much notice is required if you need additional guards for an event? What is the drug testing policy for the company? Make sure you know what you are wanting in each of these instances and where you are willing compromise with the company on their approach and policies.

Deciding on a company to handle your security needs is a big decision but with these helpful tips you will have the inside scope on how to vet a company, what kinds of guards you want and the important questions to ask when it comes to their policies and procedures.

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