“I Was Always Told I’d Be a Good Security Officer”

“I Was Always Told I’d Be a Good Security Officer”

I walked into Tursa Job Agency over at Beenleigh and there was this poster just sitting on the counter – it was a security course!

And I thought, you know what, I have always been told I would be a good security officer!

I literally filled out all the paperwork right then and there. My job provider told me it would take a while but I saw the number on the flyer and thought, you know what I’m just going to ring them.

That’s when I spoke to Amie at ASSET’s head office. She was so nice, so professional and straight forward to every question I had. She made me feel like I mattered and that I could be different.

I joined up for the security career information session and it was great. So much fun.

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“Here I am, no work, no money, sleeping in my car and came up to be with my kids and here’s these guys, they just really cared. They listened and they made me feel good about myself!”

After that I got hold of my job provider and said I really want to do it can we get the ball rolling?

During this time, Amie was there every single day, twice a day, three times a day even!

Once I was enrolled into the course, I came into the Meadowbrook office at Logan and that’s where I met Matt. He just was so open and for an instructor, yes hes a teacher but he really listened to us, he taught us, we all laughed.

There was 6 of us in the class and it was fun the whole way. There was not a time we did not laugh.

We’d get our assignments and homework, we would do it in a group or on our own and any time we felt that we needed help, we’d just talk to Matt and it was resolved there and then.

All in all, I would just highly recommend this course to anyone.

Thank you to Colin for allowing us to share his story.

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