Justice Of The Peace Courses Logan

Prepare to Become a Justice of the Peace with Courses in Logan Through Asset College

When was the last time you needed to have a document witnessed by a judicial official? It is a process which almost everyone experiences eventually. As a “gatekeeper” to the judicial system in Queensland, the state empowers some to act in an official capacity for minor, but necessary, legal verifications. Are you interested in offering your services to others as a JP? Asset College delivers flexible justice of the peace courses to Logan residents. If you meet the necessary requirements set forth by the Queensland government, you can enrol and begin your studies. How does it work?

We provide two course options: face-to-face or distance learning. However, we encourage potential students to consider sitting for the two-day course in person. Here, you will cover materials found in the external exam for JP qualification. During our justice of the peace courses in Logan, you’ll receive instruction from highly qualified individuals who have first-hand knowledge of the exam. The demands of the job factor into the instruction, too. Our goal is to equip students with the tools to move forward with their career pursuits.

However, if you do not wish to take the class in-person, you can opt for solo study to prepare for the exam on your own. Be aware that you must complete the test within 28 days of enrolment. For those with very busy schedules, this can sometimes be a better choice. Regardless, Asset College is here to provide a pathway to new achievements. Explore the next available dates for our justice of the peace courses in Logan, or visit our contact page to reach us directly.

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