How to complete a crowd controller register

crowd controller register

How to complete a crowd controller register

One of the most common breaches of the Security Providers Act seen by OFT and the Queensland Police Service is the failure to properly maintain the crowd controller register.

In particular:

  • crowd controllers fail to sign off the register at the end of a shift
  • insufficient details of incidents that occur during their shift are recorded.

A security firm is required to keep a register of all employees (including crowd controllers) that work for them. It must be kept in a secure place at the business and be stored where unauthorised people can’t access it. Inspectors and police are authorised to access the register.

The register must list a security provider’s:

  • full name
  • licence number
  • licence expiry date
  • date of commencement
  • date of termination (if relevant).

Liquor licensees must keep a register of hired crowd controllers on their premises. If they don’t, the contracted security firm is to keep it. The register must contain all the following details about each crowd controller on duty:

  • full name
  • security licence number
  • security firm’s name and address (if the services are provided by a firm)
  • identification number worn
  • date and time of the start and finish of each period of duty
  • for restricted licensees, the name of the crowd controller who holds an unrestricted licence and is directly supervising the restricted licensee.

If a crowd controller is involved in an incident where a person is injured or a person is removed from the premises, the following information must be entered into the register:

  • when the incident happened (date and time)
  • where it took place in the premises
  • who was involved in the incident (include their name if you can)
  • what happened, including the outcomes of the incident (such as injury or eviction)
  • how a crowd controller or other staff member responded to the incident.

This information must be entered into the register as soon as possible after the incident.

It is the responsibility of the security firm or liquor licensee to ensure that the register is properly maintained and signed by the crowd controllers.

More information on registers for the security industry is on our website.

First published in the OFT’s Security Buzz Newsletter.

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