From Curtains To Concierge

Jennifer Bradshaw’s Security Success Story

I worked with my sister in the curtain business and we had decided this would be the way we would end our working career. But alas after 29 years, life got in the way and my sister had to close the business. So, it was time to recreate myself.

I thought, since my children had grown up and I didn’t have any responsibilities, I would be really employable. I was reasonably intelligent and quite presentable. But no, no one would give me a chance.

I started my training with a Certificate III in Logistics which came with the promise of employment at the end, but nope.

Then I started a Diploma in Business, that wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

My children all made it quite clear that this was the perfect opportunity to become the Counsellor I’d always wanted to be. So, I did my Diploma of Counselling. Unfortunately, while your doing your years of study, you still need to pay the bills.

You see, sometimes it’s hard to see the right road you need to take until, Gladys from Max Employment advertised for suitable people to do a security course. It was then, it hit me, I had completed all this study to be able to be the kind of security person, I wanted to be.

I completed my security course with Asset College at Spring Hill. The staff were amazing, they helped from the sign on right until I received my security licence.

Our trainer, Craig was thorough and attentive. I made friends whom I still have contact with today.

Gladys from Max Employment helped me get an interview with ISS, to be an airport security person and a passenger scanner which was my first interest.  Unfortunately, I was not confident enough to pass ISS test.

So, I came to an Asset College pre-screening session on Thursday and on Friday Mike rang me to ask if I was interested in a position as a Concierge in South Brisbane.

Being a Security Concierge was my second choice and I got the job. It’s wonderful.

I can’t thank Asset College enough.

Dressing to impress at all times and being prepared for the questions your perspective employer may ask is the best advice I could give you.

Thank you to Jennifer for allowing us to share her story.

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