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Subsidised training for the construction industry.

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About this Funding – Higher Qualifications


As a Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) registered training supplier, we provide training that is supported by CSQ funding.

The CSQ Higher Qualifications program helps existing, eligible or unemployed workers in the building and construction industry to gain new skills and knowledge to progress their career.

Construction Skills Queensland is an independent, not-for-profit, industry funded body supporting employers, workers, apprentices, trainees and career seekers in the building and construction industry.

CSQ provides funding to reduce the financial obstacle to training, making upskilling an affordable option for many more individuals in the construction industry.

CSQ-funded training is delivered by a range of selected registered training organisations (RTOs) across Queensland.

CSQ contributes towards the cost of courses to reduce the cost to participants. CSQ funding is paid directly to the contracted RTO, generally between 75% and 100% of course costs.

Qualifications Available

Asset College is able to deliver the following qualifications under the CSQ Higher Qualifications program:

CSQ funding is not available for a qualification being completed via a traineeship.

Application Process

  1. Review the course information and contact us if you require any clarification regarding the course content, inclusions, outcomes, policies and procedures, entry requirements, attendance requirements or pathways.
  2. Submit your application online or in person at one of Asset College’s QLD offices.
    1. Online Application Form
      1. Complete Eligibility Declaration (Building) (sign and attach to application) or;
      2. Complete Eligibility Declaration (Apprentice Advance) (sign and attach to application)
    2. Complete Enrolment Form
  3. Undertake the Online Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment.
  4. Your application will be assessed by Asset College’s Compliance Team and you will receive a written response usually within 3 – 5 days.
  5. Pay your co-contribution fee.
  6. Sign your Training Plan.
  7. Commence your course.

Student Contribution Fees

Construction Skills Queensland subsidises the cost of undertaking an approved qualification however some participants will be required to contribute a co-contribution fee.

Higher Qualifications – Building

Qualification Code Qualification Title Full Fee Per Course Student Contribution
BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety $2,700.00 $250.00
BSB40920 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice $2,480.00 $250.00
BSB40320 Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business $2,700.00 $250.00

Apprentice Advance – Higher Qualifications

For Apprentice Advance, Asset College receives an additional 25% on the base CSQ price.

Code Qualification Title Full Fee Per Course Student Contribution
BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety $2,700.00 $0.00
BSB40920 Certificate IV in Project Management $2,480.00 $0.00
BSB40320 Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business $2,700.00 $0.00

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to access Construction Skills QLD (CSQ) programs participants must:

  • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen; or a permanent resident of Australia; or a visa holder with the relevant permission to work
  • be an eligible or unemployed worker in the Building and Construction Industry in QLD

For Apprentice Advance funding you must be:

  • an Apprentice or Trainee undertaking a Construction Skills Queensland Approved Apprenticeship or Traineeship; or
  • an Eligible Worker or Unemployed Eligible Worker in the first year out of their Construction Skills Queensland Approved Apprenticeship or Traineeship who must commence Training within 365 days of the completion date in DELTA; or
  • a cancelled Apprentice or Trainee who was undertaking a Construction Skills Queensland approved Apprenticeship or Traineeship that has been cancelled and they are currently accessing State Government funding to complete their institution-based training.

The following are Recognised Apprenticeships/Traineeships under this program:

Code Qualification Description
UEE32220 Certificate III in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration
CPC33020 Certificate III in Brick and Blocklaying
MSF31113 Certificate III in Cabinet Making
CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry
RII30920 Certificate III in Civil Construction
RII30820 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations
RII31220 Certificate III in Civil Foundations
CPC30320 Certificate III in Concreting
CPC31420 Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing
CPC30420 Certificate III in Demolition
CPC305112 Certificate III in Dogging
UEE30820 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician
CPC32820 Certificate III in Fire Protection
UEE31020 Certificate III in Fire Protection Control
MSF30818 Certificate III in Flooring Technology
CPC32720 Certificate III in Gas Fitting
MSF30418 Certificate III in Glass and Glazing
CPC31920 Certificate III in Joinery
AHC30916 Certificate III in Landscape Construction
CPC30620 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating
CPC32420 Certificate III in Plumbing
CPC325132 Certificate III in Plumbing Mechanical Services
TLI37120 Certificate III in Rail Infrastructure
CPC30720 Certificate III in Rigging
CPC32620 Certificate III in Roof Plumbing
CPC30820 Certificate III in Roof Tiling
CPC30920 Certificate III in Scaffolding
CPC30120 Certificate III in Shopfitting
CPC31020 Certificate III in Solid Plastering
CPC31120 Certificate III in Steelfixing
CPC32320 Certificate III in Stonemasonry
RII31619 Certificate III in Trenchless Technology
CPC31220 Certificate III in Wall and Ceiling Lining
CPC31320 Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling

Student Support Service

Details regarding our policies and procedures, including student support services are available in our Student Handbook.

If you require assistance with accessing this information or require support, please contact us.

Terms and Conditions

Applications are subject to approval by Asset College’s Head Office. Submitting a completed application does not guarantee approval of funding. Training cannot commence until you have received written confirmation of your application being approved.

  1. Availability of funding is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ).
  2. Participants must provide additional information / feedback to Asset College within three months of completing their qualification.
  3. Student co-contribution fees may vary depending on the Construction Skills Queensland funding contract that you are eligible for.
  4. Applicants who are registered Job Seekers should consult their Job Active Provider prior to submitting an application. Your Job Active Provider may be able to provide additional support services and/or pay the student co-contribution fees for eligible applicants.
  5. Additional terms and conditions will be outlined on the application forms and are subject to change.
  6. Participants are required to submit and pay for their own industry licence applications (where applicable), these costs are not included in the student contribution fee or funding subsidy.
  7. Students can only access the Higher Qualifications program through approved training providers (Pre-qualified Suppliers).
  8. The amount of Subsidy provided will depend on the demand for skilled workers in the area of study.
  9. CSQ funding is not available for a qualification being completed via a traineeship.
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