COVID Vaccination Policy

COVID Vaccination Policy

We believe in maintaining an inclusive, welcoming environment and a workplace that motivates and facilitates personal growth and development for staff, contractors, and students. The values that underpin our work ethic at Asset College include equality, respect, integrity, and responsibility.


We aim to establish a common understanding of workplace standards and ethics expected of all employees at Asset College. We aim to ensure positive working relationships are formed between all educators and management, promoting dignity and respect by avoiding behaviour, which is or may be perceived as harassing, bullying, or intimidating.

Management will always conduct themselves in an ethical manner and strive to ensure that all interactions are positive and respectful and are in accordance with Asset College’s philosophy.

Remembering we are legally required to comply with current health directives issued by the Federal and relevant State/Territory Governments.


This policy applies to staff, contractors, management, and visitors.


Asset College supports the rights of individuals to choose whether they receive a COVID-19 vaccination or not and maintain privacy of their personal medical information. Currently, we do not require our staff or students to be vaccinated.

However, as a business we are legally required to comply with current health directives issued by the Federal and relevant State/Territory Governments. This may in some cases require us to ensure that attendees (staff and students) at particular venues are vaccinated and complete the QR check-in process.

Where such requirements exist, we will only permit individuals to attend and participate in our training programs in accordance with these requirements. As the health directives change regularly, you should review the relevant information in the State or Territory where you are undertaking training, or contact our office to confirm the requirements prior to attending the course.

Note that some courses are conducted at temporary hire venues which may have additional requirements outside of our control. Where the venue owner has specific criteria, including vaccination requirements, Asset College’s staff and students are expected to comply while at those venues.

Safety of our staff and students has always been our highest priority. Our team follow a COVID-19 Safe Management Plan which includes a range of measures to reduce the risk of infection. This includes, but is not limited to, regular cleaning and disinfecting of facilities and equipment, making hand sanitiser and other cleaning products available to participants for personal hygiene, limiting class sizes to allow for social distancing and monitoring of health alerts.

Anyone with concerns about their safety or compliance with COVID-19 health directives should immediately notify the trainer of their course.

To ask any questions surrounding your enrolment with Asset College, please call us on 1300 731 602 or email [email protected].

Current health directives can be viewed at the following links:

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