CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations | NSW & VIC

CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations

Security Licence Courses For Victoria and New South Wales.

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CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations

Available in NSW and VIC only.

NSW Master Licence : 000104393

Suitable for those wanting a basic Security Providers Licence for unarmed and crowd control security jobs in Victoria and New South Wales.

Security providers in these states must be licensed. This includes security officers, crowd controllers and security firms.

Course Outcomes

One course offers many courses of action and pathways for you. This qualification is superseded.

Upon successful competition of this course, a Certificate II in Security Operations (CPP20212) qualification.

First Aid is also included in this course.

Not sure which security course fits your needs? Find out more about the requirements for security licensing and which course provides you your desired career outcome here!

Entry Requirements

For entry to this course you must:

  • Be eligible to apply for a VIC or NSW Security Providers Licence:
    • Be 18 years or older
    • Have not been convicted of a disqualifying offence in the past 10 years
    • Be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or hold an appropriate Visa to work in Australia
  • Complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment

Please be advised we are unable to train students on a student visa. You must find a CRICOS registered training provider.

Units of Competency

Victoria Units of Competency

CPPSEC1003A Apply security procedures for the responsible service of alcohol
CPPSEC2001A Communicate effectively in the security industry
CPPSEC2002A Follow workplace safety procedures in the security industry
CPPSEC2003B Work effectively in the security industry
CPPSEC2004B Respond to security risk situation
CPPSEC2005A Work as part of a security team
CPPSEC2006B Provide security services to clients
CPPSEC2010A Protect safety of persons
CPPSEC2011B Control access to and exit from premises
CPPSEC2012A Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour
CPPSEC2014A Operate basic security equipment
CPPSEC2015A Patrol premises
CPPSEC2017A Protect self and others using basic defensive techniques
CPPSEC3002A Manage conflict through negotiation
CPPSEC3005A Prepare and present security documentation and reports
CPPSEC3013A Control persons using empty hand techniques
CPPSEC3017A Plan and conduct evacuation of premises
HLTFA311A Apply first aid
TLIE2007A Use communication systems* / TLIE2007 Use communication systems
(new competency as of 18 January 2017)

You can find more information about these units on the Victorian Police Website.

New South Wales Units of Competency

CPPSEC2101 Apply effective communication skills to maintain security
CPPSEC2102 Apply legal and procedural requirements to work effectively within a security team
CPPSEC2103 Apply WHS, emergency response and evacuation procedures to maintain security
CPPSEC2104 Apply risk assessment to select and carry out response to security risk situations
CPPSEC2105 Provide quality services to a range of security clients
CPPSEC2106 Protect self and others using basic defensive techniques
CPPSEC2107 Patrol premises to monitor property and maintain security
CPPSEC2108 Screen people, personal effects and items to maintain security
CPPSEC2109 Monitor and control access and exit of persons and vehicles from premises
CPPSEC2110 Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour to maintain security
CPPSEC2111 Apply security procedures to manage intoxicated persons
CPPSEC2112 Apply security procedures to remove persons from premises
CPPSEC2113 Escort and protect persons and valuables
HLTAID003 Provide first aid

For further information regarding licensing in NSW please visit Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate (SLED).

Delivery Options

Victoria Delivery

Certificate II Security Operations is 3 weeks Mon-Fri, 8.00am – 5.00pm

Students will complete 128 hours of face-to-face training and assessment in accordance with the requirements for security licensing in VIC. Note that some days may run later to make up time as required to complete this course.

Any missed days will need to be rebooked and you will need to reattend in order to successfully complete this course.

Potential employers will also be invited to observe participants throughout the course and discuss career pathways within the critical infrastructure sector.

New South Wales Delivery

This course is delivered face-to-face over 12 days in class (with First Aid) and is supported by a self-paced assessment workbook. You will be required to attend class from 8am – 6pm each day to meet the 102 hours of classroom-based study requirements.

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“I recently completed the Certificate II and III Security Operations course at Asset College. The course design was well put together, and was presented in a manner that was easy to understand, and interesting.

Our Instructor, Craig, knew his stuff. Great teacher, good demo’s, lots of relevant info. The staff at Asset College are friendly and approachable, nothing was too much trouble and the follow up has been awesome! Highly recommend Asset College”

Jeremy Baker