‘Customer Service Skills Helped Me Move Into Security!’

customer service skills

‘Customer Service Skills Helped Me Move Into Security!’

Theresa Langley had worked in customer service for over 20 years before deciding that it was time for a career change. She worked in administrative or call-centre based roles but when a friend suggested security, she made the great decision to explore the industry a little further.

She first heard about ASSET from a friend who trained with us. Her friend, now working at Brisbane Airport inspired Theresa to contact ASSET herself and to move her career into the security field. Theresa wanted a role where she could actively assist people rather than just carry out office work.

‘The training provided by Asset College was comprehensive and prepared me really well for working in the security field’.

In addition to completing her training, Theresa took part in the pre-employment screening program with Asset College.

‘The program answered many questions I had about security work, prepared me for interviews and helped me to feel more confident about my choice to become a Security Officer’.

Theresa was engaged by an employment service provider during the time of her job search. Matchworks was determined to help Theresa find work in a security job regardless of the COVID19 outbreak.

Despite the lack of employment opportunities, Theresa landed a role with Queensland Security Services, working at South Brisbane in the Flight Centre building.

“I am really enjoying the experience and the confidence I am gaining in my first security job!”

Experience a journey just like Theresa’s when you choose to start your security career with Asset College! Register for a free information session today.

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