Employability Skills Unpacked

employability skills

Employability Skills Unpacked

What skills do employers want you to have and how do you work on improving them?

Below is a list of skills that employers look for in potential employees and tips on improving yours!

Written and oral communication

    • Write short articles about your interests to improve your writing skills
    • Write selection criteria for job applications
    • Practice with family or friends your interview skills

Industry knowledge

    • Attend industry expos and events
    • Join industry associations
    • Read and discuss issues in your industry with like-minded people on social media groups

Teamwork skills

    • Work on your ability to give constructive feedback
    • Join a sporting team or volunteer for an organisation
  • Leadership skills
    • Attend seminars/workshops on becoming a good leader
    • Networking – observe and speak with other influential leaders to find out how they developed their skills
    • Utilise social media like Linkedin
  • Planning and organising skills
    • Start utilising a calendar or diary
    • Write down your goals short term and long term and steps to achieving them
  • Technology skills
    • Learn a new computer program
    • Create a presentation with Powerpoint
    • Start taking videos of interesting things and create a Youtube Channel

Studying a nationally recognised qualification can also improve your employability skills. Government funding may be available under the Certificate 3 Guarantee program for selected Certificate II or III qualifications for eligible participants.

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