Why Every Employee Should Consider Training

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Why Every Employee Should Consider Training

Whether you are in the workforce, looking to return to the workforce, or just starting off in your career, training can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself.

Often, we think learning is just school all over again and while some people have nightmares about their report cards, it’s important to know that training is so much more than just learning what’s required to ‘pass’.

Self awareness

There is no better way to get to know yourself than testing yourself! Training can help you identify your natural strengths and weaknesses and often students are pleasantly surprised by what they can achieve.

By involving yourself in training, you will soon learn what you enjoy, what sparks your inspiration and what you’d rather leave to someone else. These are the essential skills that will allow you to confidently know where to focus your energy to reap the largest internal rewards. Loved your customer service training but hated working on spreadsheets? Then it’s time to get a job role that puts you out there with the people!

We also don’t know what we don’t know, so by opening yourself up to new ideas and new skills, a whole world of new opportunities can emerge. Maybe your current role has never required you to respond to customer complaints but now you’re doing the training, you realise it’s an area you would like to explore further.

Whatever your experience with training don’t just go through the motions, really reflect on what you’re learning and consider the skills and experience it is giving you and where it may be able to take you into the future.


There is no greater internal high than completing what you have started. What may have seemed overwhelming, never ending, or just a bit difficult, will soon be ticked off as competent when you complete your training. Like a superhero, you can stand on top of all your assessments and completed units with your head held high knowing you have conquered all of them!

Training can cement what you know and reinforce the skills you have. It can help you create a whole new suite of skills and knowledge that brings a self-assurance when you engage in those skills in the real world. Training can help ignite a new way of thinking about tasks and topics you were already familiar with or allow you to consider entirely new areas that you hadn’t thought of before.

Nationally recognised training is benchmarked and standardised so you can be confident that what you have explored in your training is the industry standard. This means that you can be confident that when you apply your training in the real world, you are on the best path.

Future prospects

Let’s face it, training can look pretty fancy on your resume. Like adding a cherry on top of your experience, training shows potential employers that you have a fundamental understanding of particular areas of knowledge. More than that, there are many roles that require certain certifications if you even want to be considered at all.

Just as training gives you confidence, training also gives an employer confidence in what you are capable of as well.

If you or your team are in the market for some professional development, reach out to our Course Advisor team today. We can help you determine an appropriate pathway for you or even come up with a custom program for your business or workplace.

Cathy Sanders is a learning and development enthusiast who is a passionate advocate for the VET sector. With many qualifications herself and over 15 years in the industry, Cathy’s history with training includes planning, writing, delivering, assessing, and managing training and even owning her own RTO. She now volunteers on the Board for an emerging employment and education charity, and works full time in industry workplace training and HR. 

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