Employer Connection Day at ASSET – 26 May 2017

employer connection event

Employer Connection Day at ASSET – 26 May 2017

employer connection event

Once again Asset continue to push the boundaries beyond training and employment outcomes.

Our regular monthly employer connection events provide an exciting opportunity for job seekers to engage direct with real employers and real jobs.

Employment is the key goal at ASSET. We are proud of our record in delivering real jobs for graduates.

In a world where RTO’s feel their responsibility ends at the delivery of a Certificate, ASSET continues to excel. We regularly run events with key National Employers including ISS, SNP and Wilson Security that drive real results.

Employment outcomes drive us.

Our Employer Connection Events connect job seekers with real employers, skipping the usual ‘SEEK’ phase. We help individuals get directly in front of the operations team that employ people.

This week’s event connected over 60 licensed (or almost licensed) individuals with 6 leading National and Local employers – all with immediate jobs ready to fill.

Over 20 immediate roles were available plus a wide range of up-coming Commonwealth Games employment opportunities.

employer connection eventJob Seekers that attended were provided with an opportunity to chat direct regards roles offer on the day that included:

  • Airport Security
  • Building Management
  • Corporate Concierge
  • Event Management
  • Patrol
  • Retail Guards
  • And much more

We also had Goldoc at the event promoting roles for the up-coming Commonwealth Games.

This new regular event format builds upon our already successful engagement programs with many of Australia’s leading employers.

Our Asset Recruitment Services support anyone looking for employment, regardless of where trained, with a range of employment support and referral services that continue to deliver results.

In April, ASSET helped over 40 individuals begin new careers at Brisbane Airport (ISS), SNP Security, Wilson Security and many more.

In addition to our active services, we share daily every available Queensland advertised Security job via our Asset Recruiting Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more events hosted by ASSET!

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