South East Queensland, Subsidies Available For Employers!

subsidies available for employers

The job market in Australia is tough, and it’s even tougher when you are a young person with little to no experience. That’s why our country needs you!

Both the Queensland and Federal Governments currently have subsidies available for employers who engage young people in their company through 4-12 week internships with the option of this leading to employment with the company.

What does this mean for your business?

What this means is that you can offer your expertise and knowledge to jobseekers between the ages of 15- 24 with no out-of-pocket expenses and receive the subsidies available for employers. If you have a requirement for office or administration team members to support your business, this is the win-win solution for all.

What does your business have to do?

Your business literally just has to be open to young jobseekers. Everything else will be coordinated for you through the assistance of Asset College and the Employment Service Provider.

What does it cost your business?

Nothing! You will be given $1000 for any out-of-pocket expenses during the internship period and Asset College in partnership with the Employment Service Provider will provide any relevant Personal Protective Equipment, tickets, training or compulsory pre-employment requirements you may have.

At the end of the internship period, you can choose to employ the young person after they have shown you just how great it is to have them around. If you do, you are entitled to up to $30,000 worth of wage subsidies!

The most important thing is that your organisation will be known for giving young Queenslanders the opportunity to succeed.

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For further information on the program please visit Back To Work Initiatives QLD or Job Search.

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