ASSET Partner Chosen for Prestigious Firearms Conference in Houston, Texas

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ASSET Partner Chosen for Prestigious Firearms Conference in Houston, Texas

Cameron Lloyd is no stranger to a challenge. From serving Queensland Police Officer to Academy Firearms Instructor to Specialist Technical Trainer with Australian Border Force to now building his firearms training business, Foresight Tactical (FORTAC) partnered with Asset College, Cameron has pushed all boundaries to become an expert in firearms.

This passion and drive now sees Cameron selected to teach other firearms instructors involved in law enforcement at the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Annual Training Conference (IALEFI) in Houston, Texas for the fourth year running.

The IALEFI was organised and is dedicated to encouraging the development and operation of training programs to firearms instructors among law enforcement, security, criminal justice, and investigative agencies and organisations, and encouraging the development, improvement and conduct of programs to meet those needs.
The conference sees some of the top law enforcement firearms instructors from all over the USA and internationally come to hear about the latest innovations in firearms technology and training techniques.

foresight tactical team

Cameron is in good company. He stands with well-known instructors who have also taught at the conference, chosen by a highly experienced panel of law enforcement firearms instructors. In recent years some of the previous selected teachers include Brandon Wright from Smith and Wesson, Dr Wes Doss from Khyber, Brian Marshal from Steyr Academy, John Meyer from Team One Network, Dr Bill Lewinski from Force Science Institute, as well as various instructors from Sig Sauer Academy, just to name a few. Not bad for a boy from Brisbane!

When asked why it is such an honour to teach at this conference Cameron says, ‘The conference is a very valuable networking opportunity within the industry. While I am there to teach, I always get a chance to learn as well and I come back to Australia and pass the knowledge onto those who attend my classes here. The conference allows me to benchmark what I am teaching against a truly international standard. It really is a win-win’.

FORTAC firearms training

When Cameron is not sharing his knowledge with other attendees, he will be taking part in other aspects of the conference; trying out new equipment, learning new skills, tactics and different ways of teaching. This will include advanced classes such as sniping, low light, force on force and pistol classes as well as attending two key-note lectures.

Being his fourth consecutive year teaching at the conference, Cameron has covered many topics including training design, pistol coaching and precision rifle. This year, Cameron pitched and was selected to teach “Skills Enhancement Through Training Design” which provides an overview of FORTAC’s training methods.

On this training Cameron says, ‘This course has been designed to provide instructors with a complete training systems approach to law enforcement firearms training. It also aims to provide instructors with a greater understanding of the science of motor learning and decision making so they are better able to develop student focused, performance based training that can be successfully integrated within their departments’ existing firearms training framework, while providing meaningful training progression’.

cameron lloydOn brand with the continuous improvement and development approach that Cameron implements in his business daily, this years’ training is an updated version of a class he taught at the conference in 2017. Since then, multiple agencies in the US have incorporated his approach into their training.

‘I have received feedback since that conference in 2017 that one such agency directly credits the training they undertook with saving lives’.


FORTAC firearms safety students can certainly be assured of the top-quality training provided by Cameron and his team!

Asset College wishes Cameron the best of luck as he ventures over to the US in a couple of months alongside colleague Ben who is also a part of the FORTAC team.

Check out FORTAC’s website and spend a day with Cameron and the team on one of their ‘almost famous’ firearms courses!

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