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Across Australia, there are many people responsibly and safely using firearms for a variety of purposes. Whether it is going down to the gun range to enjoy an afternoon of target shooting or for pest control in a more rural setting, firearms have their place. However, before any one person can move forward with gun-related activities, there is an expectation that you will familiarise yourself with certain critical information. This is required to properly apply for a firearms licence in QLD. If you are currently seeking out a place at which you can undertake a firearms safety course in Brisbane, look no further than Asset Training Australia.

With highly experienced instructors and an environment geared towards being welcoming, we provide a convenient path to undertaking the necessary firearms safety course for the licence you are seeking. However, due to the wide variety of gun types as well as their myriad uses, requirements vary as well. To progress, you must first select the appropriate safety course for your purposes. Then you can engage with our instructors either online at your own convenience or one of our Brisbane offices. So which course is the right one for you?

Which firearms safety course do you need?

CATEGORY A, B, H: For recreational or target shooters seeking to handle paintball guns, rifles, and a host of other firearms, this safety course is essential. This course includes range instruction as well as information on all applicable regulations. Choose this course to seek a basic licence in QLD. When you finish, you’ll receive the appropriate certificate necessary for your firearm application.

CATEGORY C, D: Enrol in a course in this category when your occupation requires the use of firearms. For example, if you work in a rural environment, pest control is important; you must be licenced in this category to handle shotguns, for instance. You will learn critical skills for safe and responsible handling, as well as legal requirements. Please note if you are seeking a job in security you may need additional qualifications.

Of course, please be aware of the restrictions on handling firearms (e.g., must be 18 years of age, no criminal convictions in the prior five years, etc). We also offer basic reloading courses as well as other firearms education. Explore here on our website to see all your options.

Enrol today and empower yourself with new knowledge

Now it should be easy for you to know exactly which firearms safety course you need for your QLD licence application. Asset Training Australia offers an easy path to earning the certificates you need. Our firearms safety courses are available in person with eight hours of learning. Course fees include live fire practice to ensure proper compliance and understanding of skills learned. Our instructors are friendly and always willing to answer your questions. Please feel free to explore more information about our courses right here on our website. Visit our contact page now to get in touch about signing up for your course now.

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