Firearms Instructor Course - Level 1

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Firearms Instructor Course – Level 1 (Firearms Safety)


Since we have begun delivering the Firearms Instructors course we have been undergoing accreditation. The accredited Firearms Instructor course will be a Certificate IV qualification with elective streams for different roles within the industry. These will include:

  • Firearms Operator
  • Firearms Coach / Safety Supervisor
  • Range Officer
  • Instructor
  • Range Manager
  • Dealer

All of these additional functions that we are including are a result of industry consultation undertaken while designing the new course. As a result, it is taking longer than we initially anticipated and are looking to have the new course approved soon.

In the meantime, please continue to register your interest with us for this course and we will update you in regards to it’s status.

Anyone who has used firearms knows that safety is paramount from the first moment that you handle any firearm. Most people undertaking firearms safety courses have little or no experience with firearms which means they need expert training from experienced shooters to ensure they go on to become safe and responsible firearms owners. Whether their goal is sports or target shooting, recreational shooting, primary production, collecting weapons or an occupational requirement, all new shooters need guidance from trained and experienced instructors.

If you have undertaken firearms training with ASSET previously you would know that we have instructors with both exceptionally high standards and the ability to coach people from different backgrounds and various goals. This ability to deliver safe, high quality training to a diverse audience is a skill that we have mastered while training thousands of new shooters in the past 11 years. This is your chance to learn from our experience.

The purpose of this course is to develop participants instructional skills relating to firearms use for both personal and occupational purposes.

Firearms Instructor Course – Level 1 (Firearms Safety)
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