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Firearms Instructor Course – Level 2 (Security Operations)

Become a Firearms Instructor with Asset Training Australia and deliver security industry firearms training to new and existing Security Officers.

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Firearms Instructor Course – Level 2 (Security Operations)


Since we have begun delivering the Firearms Instructors course we have been undergoing accreditation. The accredited Firearms Instructor course will be a Certificate IV qualification with elective streams for different roles within the industry. These will include:

  • Firearms Operator
  • Firearms Coach / Safety Supervisor
  • Range Officer
  • Instructor
  • Range Manager
  • Dealer

All of these additional functions that we are including are a result of industry consultation undertaken while designing the new course. As a result, it is taking longer than we initially anticipated and are looking to have the new course approved soon.

In the meantime, please continue to register your interest with us for this course and we will update you in regards to it’s status.

The security industry in Australia is rapidly changing in response to increased global threats and businesses are more aware of the need to implement effective risk management practices. This means increasing the number of armed security personnel for duties such as cash-in-transit and higher expectations of the competency of those officers.

With over 11 years’ experience in training security personnel, ASSET’s Firearms Instructors have earned a reputation for their expertise in operational security and firearms training. This is demonstrated further through the proficiency of our trainees, many of whom have applied these skills while on duty.

The purpose of this course is to develop participant’s instructional skills relating to the use of firearms in the security industry.

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Course Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, participants will have developed and practised the fundamental skills to instruct security officers in the safe handling and use of firearms.

Participants will be offered the opportunity following this course to apply to become a Firearms Instructor with Asset Training Australia (selection criteria applies).

Participants will receive a Statement of Attainment for CPPSEC3008A Control Security Risk Situations using Firearms and a Statement of Attendance for the Firearms Instructor Course – Level 2 (Security Operations).

Entry Requirements

Participants on this course must meet the following criteria:

  1. Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  2. Hold a current firearms licence issued in Australia or have completed a Course in Firearms Safety and meet the eligibility requirements for firearms licensing in Queensland.
  3. Hold a current security licence issued in Australia or have completed a Certificate II/III in Security Operations and meet the eligibility requirements for security licensing in Queensland.
  4. Have significant firearms related experience*
  5. Have intermediate or advanced firearms skills*
  6. Have completed ASSET’s Firearms Instructor Course – Level 1 (Firearms Safety)

* Skills and experience can be demonstrated through any form of lawful firearms activities (ie. club membership, recreational shooting, primary producer, police, military, etc.)

Please be advised we are unable to train students on a student visa. You must find a CRICOS registered training provider.


Asset Training Australia is in the process of submitting an application for accreditation of this course which is expected to be completed in 2017. Once our new “Certificate IV in Firearms (Instructor) qualification has been accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority, participants who have succesfully met the requirements of our non-accredited Firearms Instructor Course – Level 2 (Security Operations) and maintained their currency will be given the opportunity to gain the new accredited course through an RPL pathway at no cost.

Course Fees

Course fees vary depending on the location and delivery mode of the course. This is due to the differences in range fees in different locations.

Currently this course is only delivered at our North Lakes office and is $1500.


Asset Training Australia’s Firearms Instructor Course covers the following subjects:

  • Relevant legislation
  • Safety in Training
  • Weapons Handling Skills for Instructors
  • Instructional and Coaching Skills with Firearms
  • Range Management
  • Preparation for Firearms Instruction
  • Delivery of Firearms Safety Theory Lessons
  • Delivery of Firearms Safety Practical Lessons (dry-fire and live-fire)
  • Fault Identification and Correction Techniques
  • Incident Management
  • Firearm Maintenance
  • Conducting Firearms Safety Assessments

Note: This course does not cover the requirements for Firearms Safety Training. For further information refer to Firearms Instructor Course – Level 1 (Firearms Safety).


This course is delivered face-to-face over 5 Days.

Participants will undertake an intensive 5 day training program including classroom training, simulation and live-fire range practices.

Classes will run from 8.30am to 5pm daily. Depending on range availability, participants may also be required to attend evening sessions during the course. If scheduled, these sessions will run from 6pm – 9pm on selected days.

Note: Participants who are applying to become a Firearms Instructor with Asset Training Australia will be required to assist with the delivery of a minimum of 3 additional Security Firearms courses following completion of this course.

Resources and Equipment

Asset Training Australia will provide sufficient resources and equipment to complete this course.

Participants may also supply their own resources and equipment for this course if they wish however use of the equipment on the day will be subject to the discretion of the course director.


“Appreciate everything. It was a real valuable asset to me by training with your great company, I got a hell of a lot out of it.
I would recommend ASSET to anyone. Massive thank you to James, if only all instructors were as passionate as he was we would have a very clever country. Thanks again and
see you next course.”

Shane Evans