First Aid Reminders For The Christmas Period

first aid reminders

First Aid Reminders For The Christmas Period

Tis the season to be jolly, but realistically, the jolliest of times generally see an increase in visits to the local GP or even to the hospital.

It’s important for you to know how to take care of basic First Aid requirements to keep you and your family safe and happy this Christmas period.

Drink lots of water

This might seem like a no-brainer but dehydration is one of the most common conditions that paramedics and first aid officers treat throughout the Summer months.

So keep your water levels up.

Especially if you are out and about in the heat of the day enjoying the sunshine with your family.

Treating Lacerations from Opening Gifts and Broken Baubles

Opening presents can be fun and putting up the Christmas tree is a real treat, until of course someone suffers from a cut or abrasion!

Make sure that you:

  • Clean the wound thoroughly with sterile gauze soaked in saline
  • Apply firm and direct pressure
  • Apply a non-adherent dressing to the wound


Whilst mistletoe certainly looks pretty and is symbolic of Christmas, eating the berries can be highly dangerous, so keep out of reach of children.  If a berry is consumed, encourage the child to spit out the remains and keep as still as possible.

Seek medical advice and watch out for signs of vomiting, hallucinations and sleepiness.

Food poisoning is also always a high risk at Christmas as it can be difficult to cook and store large volumes of food safely.  Ensure that the turkey or Christmas ham is cooked thoroughly and juices run clear, and store all leftovers in the fridge once cool.

In the event of food poisoning, keep the person well hydrated and seek medical help in severe cases.

Christmas Parties

If you’re an employer hosting your annual Christmas party, it’s important to think ahead.

This includes:

  • Getting a clear understanding of your employees dietary and medical requirements
  • Ensure the menu states what items contain for those with allergic reactions (if there is a menu!)
  • In all communications remind attendees to bring medication such as asthma relievers or adrenalin auto injectors
  • Serve food with drinks and encourage moderate alcohol consumption

Keep Your First Aid Skills Up To Date

And last but certainly not least, keep your First Aid skills up to date. You never know when there could be an emergency and First Aiders are important to ensure a quick response time to those who are injured or sick until further medical assistance can arrive.

Book your First Aid course now.

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