First Aid Training : Brisbane

Enrol Employees in First Aid Training Courses in Brisbane to Study CPR and More

Are you looking for First Aid training for your Brisbane business?

To meet regulations laid forth by Safe Work Australia, you need to make sure ‘an adequate number of workers are trained to administer First Aid in your workplace.’ These trained First Aiders must be on-premises and easily accessible. What constitutes an ‘adequate number of workers’ can vary depending on your Brisbane business and workplace.

Not every workplace has the same First Aid requirements because not every workplace has the same safety hazards. As such, Safe Work Australia typically recommends a First Aid risk assessment, so businesses can determine what their First Aid obligations are.

If you have already conducted a First Aid risk assessment and are ready to start training your employees in First Aid in Brisbane, Asset College can help. From our Brisbane campus, we offer a range of First Aid-related courses, including ‘Provide CPR,’ ‘Provide First Aid,’ and ‘Perform rescue from a live LV panel.’

Choosing the Right First Aid Courses for Your Team

Which First Aid courses are right for your employees? The answer depends on the environment in which your employees will be working. In workplaces with fewer risks and safety hazards, employees typically benefit most from basic First Aid and CPR courses. Courses for emergency life support, advanced resuscitation, and advanced First Aid can be beneficial as well, especially for the designated First Aid leaders in your organisation.

Depending on your workplace environment, you might encourage employees to take their study of First Aid in Brisbane to the next level. In a school environment, for instance, Asset College’s HLTAID004 course (‘Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting’) is crucial. This course teaches pupils how to provide First Aid to infants and children. Focuses include asthma and anaphylaxis training as well as basic First Aid training.

If employees in your business are working with or around low voltage (LV) apparatuses, then our UETTDRRF06B course (‘Perform rescue from a live LV panel’) is essential. This course can teach your employees how to perform an LV rescue in a way that ensures their own safety while maximising the chances of survival for the injured party. This type of training is recommended for employees working in electrical transmission or distribution functions as well as rail work.

Secure Appropriate, High Quality Employee First Aid Training in Brisbane

Enrolling your employees in courses for First Aid in Brisbane is not just important as a means of meeting Safe Work Australia requirements. Putting your employees through these training courses will help keep them safe while guaranteeing a safer workplace across the board. Safer workplaces suffer less downtime, fewer lost work hours, superior employee morale, lower levels of liability, and improved employee retention.

Reap these benefits by investing in First Aid training in Brisbane. Contact Asset College’s Brisbane campus today to learn more about our courses and pick the ones that are best for your team.