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Learn CPR with a First Aid Course in Brisbane

Did you know that upwards of 200,000 people die every year from sudden and unpredictable cardiac arrest events? Did you know that medical professionals estimate that roughly a quarter of those cardiac arrest deaths are preventable if people witnessing the incidents knew CPR? Or that only about 6% of patients who go into sudden cardiac arrest survive—usually because of bystanders who know CPR?

With the help of Asset Training Australia, you can be a part of the movement to change these statistics and save lives. With a first aid course in Brisbane, you can learn the basics of providing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR. You will understand how and why CPR works to save lives, see practical demonstrations of CPR tactics and learn how to apply those tactics yourself. You will also be presented with a range of different hypothetical situations so that you are prepared to provide CPR regardless of the variables.

When someone’s heart stops beating, and they go into cardiac arrest, there is a small window of time—usually four to six minutes—where quick action can prevent brain death. Only in rare cases will four to six minutes provide enough time for EMS to arrive on the scene. However, with CPR, you can keep up the flow of oxygen to the patient’s brain and organs, preventing brain death and drastically improving that person’s chances of survival.

Do you want to be able to save lives rather than watch helplessly from the sidelines? If so, enrol in Asset Training Australia’s CPR first aid course in Brisbane today.

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