First Aid Training Gold Coast

The Importance of CPR Training and Where to Study First Aid on the Gold Coast

Have you ever wondered if you should take a CPR training course? The answer is probably “yes” no matter who you are or what you do for a living. The likelihood exists in your daily life that you may encounter someone experiencing a sudden heart attack and needing resuscitation. Knowing how to respond can be the difference between a person living or dying. There’s more to CPR than what you see in the movies – and knowing the correct process may help you save a life. Here’s why you should look for a training institute that teaches CPR and first aid on the Gold Coast.

Saving lives

When you receive CPR and first aid training on the Gold Coast, you’ll learn the correct way to perform CPR in an emergency. Having these skills can dramatically increase the victim’s chances of survival. In your training, you’ll learn how to quickly identify someone who is in cardiac arrest, provide quality CPR, and learn how to use a defibrillator should one be available. Besides learning how to respond to someone having a cardiac event, you’ll also gain the techniques necessary to respond to choking and other airway emergencies. You don’t have to be a doctor or nurse or even a paramedic to become trained and certified to respond to emergencies.

Being able to assist

When you study CPR, you’ll be able to assist in a variety of situations where people need the lifesaving benefits of CPR. Whether you are at home, at work, or out shopping, you never know when someone might need CPR. Possessing lifesaving skills is an important way you can help other people. Also, if there are others who can perform CPR, you can help – CPR is tiring, and teamwork is best. The more people around who are trained in CPR, the better the victim’s odds of survival. You’ll also learn essential skills such as how to switch out roles and how to assign duties quickly such as calling for emergency help.

Being more employable

Did you know that being CPR certified can give you a boost when you’re looking for a job? Many jobs require employees to maintain a current CPR certification, especially jobs in fields such as healthcare, education, and construction. However, being trained in CPR and first aid can make you a more desirable applicant in many other fields as well. As more and more employers learn about the advantages of having CPR-certified people on staff, these skills can give you the leg up you need to make your job application stand out. If your current employer doesn’t offer CPR training for employees, ask them about it – they might be willing to schedule it.

Where to study first aid on the Gold Coast

To gain all the benefits of knowing CPR and first aid skills, contact Asset College. Experienced trainers conduct our courses, and we are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Earn your certificate and the peace of mind that comes with it by signing up for your course today.