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Why Basic First Aid Training Is Essential and Where to Study in Launceston

If you ask several people why they’ve never taken a first aid training course, you are likely to hear a range of responses such as not having enough time, not knowing where to study, or a belief that they already know enough basic first aid. However, people who have completed formal first aid training know how beneficial these courses are and how important it is to receive proper training. Here are some of the reasons basic first aid training is essential.

It saves lives – and more
There’s no question that first aid training saves lives. However, it does even more than that. Knowing how to respond in an emergency also reduces recovery times and can prevent long-term damage or disability. People who receive first aid training in Launceston learn the correct steps to take and easy ways to remember them, making them more confident and ready to respond when an accident or injury occurs.

It increases the injured person’s comfort
Not all injuries are serious enough to require hospitalisation, but that doesn’t mean that the victim isn’t in pain. Even a child who bruises an elbow or skins a knee is suffering and knowing how to act can quickly comfort them and reduce their pain. Sometimes, simple techniques are all you need, such as applying an ice pack or knowing correct bandaging procedures, and these can help reduce pain significantly. Being calm and confident in an emergency also allows you to provide the injured person with emotional support, reducing their anxiety.

It empowers you to keep the situation from worsening
Studying basic first aid in Launceston provides you with the tools you need to prevent an emergency from becoming worse. In some cases, not receiving first aid immediately can cause the victim’s condition to deteriorate rapidly. As someone trained in first aid, you’ll be able to stabilise the patient until medical help arrives. You’ll learn what to use in the absence of a first aid kit and how to cope with a wide variety of emergency situations. You’ll also know how to collect information about the patient’s condition and what happened to cause their injury. Passing this information on to the emergency services can save them and the patient valuable time.

It promotes safe and healthy living
One of the foundations of first aid is making your own safety a priority, which is an important and practical concept that ensures that you remain able to help others instead of requiring help yourself. You’ll also learn about the importance of healthy lifestyle choices to minimise your risk of developing health problems that will require medical attention. The training you receive in a first aid course can make you more aware of your health and more alert to potential hazards in your surroundings.

Where to study first aid in Launceston

At Asset College, we provide first aid courses that can prepare you for a wide range of situations and instil the knowledge and confidence you need to respond to emergencies quickly and safely. For more information, contact Asset College today.