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Asset Training Australia: Providing a First Aid Course in Rockhampton to Help Workplaces Reach Emergency Compliance

Under Workplace Health and Safety regulations in Queensland, employers are required to make first aid equipment accessible in the workplace and ensure ‘that an adequate number of workers are trained to administer first aid at the workplace.’

In the case of workplace accidents or other unexpected health or safety scares, medical personnel are not always going to be able to help—at least not right away. Therefore, having trained employees on your team who know about first aid is an essential component of providing a safe workplace.

If your business does not have ‘an adequate number of workers’ trained in first aid, then you might offer to pay for the necessary training for a few select employees. The question is, where can you enrol your workers in an accredited first aid course in Rockhampton.

At Asset Training Australia, we provide a range of different first aid courses in Rockhampton, including basic first aid, advanced first aid, CPR, basic emergency life support and more. We design our courses by Queensland regulations and incorporate recommendations from several professional industry associations throughout the state. In other words, we can provide the training your employees need to qualify as workers ‘trained to administer first aid in the workplace.’

Don’t risk falling short of compliance and don’t put your workers at risk. Make sure enough employees on your staff are trained to provide first aid. If you do not have an adequate number of employees with first aid training, enrol a few team members in a first aid course in Rockhampton.

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