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What to Expect from a First Aid Course in Toowoomba

Whether you are looking to make yourself more hireable by getting a first aid qualification or simply want to be able to provide first aid care to your kids, a first aid course in Toowoomba is a worthwhile investment. What exactly does a first aid course entail, though? What should you expect if you choose to enrol in such a course with Asset Training Australia?

At Asset Training Australia, we structure our standard first aid courses in Toowoomba in one-day, eight-hour sessions. During each session, we will focus on a range of first aid basics. Our goal is to give each student a basic understanding of several different first aid tactics so that they can provide immediate care and keep injury victims safe until medical professionals arrive.

The versatility of our courses comes from some of the associations that have helped us design them. These noted Australian bodies include the Australian Resuscitation Council, Anaphylaxis Australia and Diabetes Australia.

The eight hours of our basic first aid course in Toowoomba are split between lecture presentations to explain the material, group discussions to ensure understanding and practical demonstrations to display first aid strategies in real time. Also, we task students with more hands-on lessons (where they will learn first aid techniques) and hypothetical first aid scenarios (to teach students how to act under stress or pressure). Most first aid related courses in the Asset Training Australia catalogue follow some version of this curriculum breakdown.

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