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Why You Should Take a First Aid Course in Townsville

Knowing the basics of first aid is important, and not just for cleaning and bandaging cuts and scrapes. On the contrary, first aid knowledge can allow you to act quickly and smartly in the wake of a car accident or some other catastrophe. It can help you save lives—both of people you know (kids, friends, family members, partners, etc.) and people you don’t. It can give you the knowledge and confidence to act when you or someone you know is injured.

If you are thinking about taking a professionally accredited first aid course in Townsville, but are on the fence, consider these two sizable benefits:

First aid can mean the difference between life and death: Knowing how to stop a bleeding wound or administer CPR can give you the tools you need to keep someone alive until more qualified EMS workers arrive on the scene. Your first aid knowledge may be the only thing standing between life and death.

First aid can mean better job prospects: From schools to offices, employers are always looking for employees who can administer first aid in a qualified and confident manner. Indeed, Australian law requires businesses to have trained employees in first aid. A first aid course in Townsville, then, might improve your job prospect considerably—no matter your field or industry.

At Asset Training Australia, we offer a range of different first aid courses in Townsville, teaching everything from basic first aid to CPR. Click here to view our first aid related course offerings.

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