The Demand for Women in Security is causing a Surge of Flexible Jobs for Mums

Flexible Jobs for Mums

The Demand for Women in Security is causing a Surge of Flexible Jobs for Mums

Being a mum is a full-time job between school runs, dinner prep, homework and extra-curriculars (why does he want to take Capoeira all of a sudden?).

It’s hard to find time to do anything and full-time work seems like a distant memory from a time when 6pm was cocktail hour and the dad from Bluey was the lead singer of Custard not a talking cartoon dog.

Flexibility is key when you’re balancing work and family but thankfully the security industry is stepping forward providing flexible jobs for mums everywhere.

For an industry that most people wrongly perceive to be packed with large muscular men, it might be a surprise to learn that the demand for female security guards has never been higher with women bringing much in demand skills.

Women tend to be better at diffusing situations

Janine Hill, the general manager for business development at MMS Security told ASIAL. “In the field, women are sometimes able to diffuse a situation of heightened emotions more effectively.

In the office, women are able to bring a different, sometimes more customer/employee focused perspective. We need more of them (Women).”

Hill understands the challenges saying “As a working mum it can be difficult to find flexible working conditions” and the industry is listening.

Organisations Are Being More Flexible

Hill says “There has been an increased willingness for organisations to be flexible. Generally, a woman needs to prove herself as a trusted employee before a business would consider flexible conditions. Other changes include an increased focus on growing female participation in the private security sector and more women employed in senior positions within the corporate sector.”

Career Progression Opportunities

ACT manager for Wilson Security Chevelle Millhouse told ASIAL about how the industry is actively trying to recruit more women and the opportunities for career progression are there. “All opportunities and career paths that are available to men are also available to women in the security industry. The challenge for employers is how to attract more females and retain them within their organisations.  Outside of the industry we can be perceived as a traditionally male sector and this can create barriers for potential candidates considering entry.”

Women are attentive to detail and able to multi-task

ASSETt’s own Lynn Meechan, security trainer and former state operations manager of a national security company says “Mums are strong, they underestimate their power and abilities especially for this industry.  Their communication skills and empathy mean they deescalate situations more effectively and their attention to detail and multi-tasking skills makes for clear, clean and concise reporting and paperwork. We need more women in this industry.”

If you’re thinking about making the move to an industry that provides flexible jobs for mums check out one of our free information sessions here or give us a call to have a chat about it.

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