Full Time Security Officer – ‘It’s the best job I have ever had!’

Full Time Security Officer

Full Time Security Officer – ‘It’s the best job I have ever had!’

Meet Brendan!

Before signing up with Asset College into our Certificate III in Security Operations course Brendan was working in sales. He was also doing some personal training but found himself needing a career change and fast!

Brendan set out to do some research to see what career pathways might be more sustainable for his future and found Asset College in his search online.

Brendan says, ‘I have always wanted to work in security since I was very young so when the chance finally came along, I jumped straight in!’.

After attending the information session at Asset College Brendan knew that a career in security would fit well with his personality and signed up for his course. He trained with Lynn Meecham who inspired Brendan to push for a role he really wanted.

On completion of his course, Brendan attended ASSET’s pre-screening for employment which then allowed him to be a part of the referral process with ASSET’s employer connections.

During the program, Asset College also assisted Brendan to tweak his resume to give him the best possible chance of being hired.

He was offered two jobs but had to turn them down when he was offered a third opportunity working at Westfield Chermside with SecureCorp full time!

“The employment services team at ASSET gave me a great review to the HR Manager at SecureCorp which really assisted in landing me the role!”

When asked how he is finding his new career Brendan says, ‘I love it. It’s the best job I have ever had. I definitely don’t want to leave anytime soon and I also have a great boss’.

Brendan has since referred his friends to the course at Asset College North Lakes in the hopes that they too will join him in the security industry!

See what all the fuss is about for yourself by attending on of our Free Information Sessions. The sessions are run at North Lakes, Spring Hill, Logan and on the Gold Coast so there is a location suitable for everyone!

Check out the new CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations course which is the new licensing standard in all states and territories.

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