What To Give A Security Guard For Christmas

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What To Give A Security Guard For Christmas

It’s that time of the year where we are desperately searching for the perfect gift for our loved ones. Or maybe you’re trying to drop some hints about what you really want this Christmas. Perhaps this article can help!

We asked our Security Trainers what they would like to receive for Christmas.


All of our Security Trainers agreed that a torch is one of the best things you can get for Christmas. They all agree that quality is best. When starting out in the industry, it is important (if you can) to invest in good quality equipment.

For torches, James loves Surefire torches but he does admit that sometimes this may not be the most cost effective option. So, he also rates the Klarus XT1C or XT1A.


You can’t go wrong with a good set of boots as a Christmas gift for any security officer.

The most popular range are definitely the 5.11 ATAC boots. While they are quite pricey, they will last for years. Maybe this gift could be from multiple people all going in on the present together!

The Security Guard will love the convenience of the zip-up side while still maintaining the look and feel with the full laces.

Notebook & Pen

ASSET have our very own range of security notebooks that were obviously made with our students needs in mind! Pop into one of our offices and ask to purchase one at a very good price.

You of course also need a pen – a great stocking filler for any Security Guard!

Utility Belt

There are a huge range of utility belts on offer and again, a belt purchased from your local department store is unlikely to be what you need – even if it is cheaper.

One of the top of the range belts for Security Officers is the 5.11 Tactical Sierra Bravo that comes as a kit that includes the main belt, an interior belt, and four attachable keepers for securing it in place. It is available in sizes that can accommodate waists measuring up to 54 inches, so almost any person will find a fit.

Licence Sleeve

Another great stocking filler is a licence sleeve. This product allows you to buy 10 in pack so there’s a great gift for at least 10 of your security officer friends!

PRO-DUTY Armband Identification Holder – 10 Pack

Coffee Thermos

Lynn mentioned this gift idea! It is such as simple idea but really one of the most likely to be forgotten about.

Lynn says there’s nothing better than a good coffee thermos for those long nights on the gate. The actual Thermos brand is one of the most reliable and high quality that you can get. Sure to keep you alert on the job.

Hopefully this gives you some cracking ideas for gifts for your Security Officer friends this Christmas! If all else fails, give them an Asset College gift voucher for their Crowd Control refresher!

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