6 High Paying Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree for

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6 High Paying Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree for 

Staring down the barrel of four years at university and a crippling HELP debt is enough to turn anyone off the idea of a bachelors degree. But that can lead you to question what kind of career you can have without getting a university degree.  

If you’re not handy with a spanner and you have no inclination to learn, doing an apprenticeship and trade is probably not the answer for you. So the question on many people’s lips is what kind of high paying jobs can you do without a degree? 

There are many lucrative careers paths out there that you don’t need a degree to do. We rounded up six high paying jobs you don’t need a degree for.  

Human Resources Manager  

Average salary $89,979 per year. 

If you’re a compassionate person and you have a knack for organisation becoming a Human Resources Manager might be right career path for you. Human Resources Managers are responsible for recruiting staff, inducting staff, managing conflict, maintaining professional development and managing conflict in the company.  

Because every company needs a human resources department, the job can take you anywhere, from construction to the arts, it just depends on where you want to go. 

You don’t need a degree to get into this exciting and lucrative field and you can make an average of $89,979 per year. Having a knack for softer skills and for organisation will help you succeed. To get your skill set sorted, you can check out the Diploma of Human Resources .  

This course only takes up to one year to complete and includes just 9 units. It is all online so you can start anytime and study from anywhere in Australia. Because it is a self-paced online course you can fit your study in around work and family and get qualified in less than a year for less than $4000 with pay as you go or payment plan options available.  

Project Manager  

Average salary $99,525 per year. 

Are you a self starter, great with big picture thinking and managing people? If you’ve got these skills you’d make a great Project Manager.  

Project Managers are responsible for overseeing and executing large projects for companies. Depending on what the company needs you could be reviewing systems, reporting on and testing new systems, designing and rolling out innovative programs or initiatives, or even overseeing a complete restructure of the organisation.  

Because it’s such a varied role, it’s a great career path for people who like change and challenges. This career path could take you anywhere, much like being a Human Resources Manager, every industry needs Project Managers so it’s up to you where you work and what kind of projects you’ll end up in charge of.  

You won’t need a degree to work as Project Manager and you can make an average of $99,525 per year. The path to this career could be through a Diploma of Project Management. The course only takes up to one year to complete and because it’s delivered all online you can start anytime and study from anywhere in Australia. This flexible delivery means you can fit this course in around your life rather than having to block out days to attend classes on campus and it only costs around $4800 and there are payment plans available.  

You can find out more about the Diploma of Project Management here.

Ethical Hacker

Average salary $84,700 per year.  

Are you a digital native, are very aware of and interested in your digital security, looking for spots where it can breached? If you’re passionate about digital security and cyber security you might make a good ethical hacker.  

Ethical hackers find and expose weak spots in companies digital systems and report them to the company for a fee. It requires the ability to hack systems, and think outside of the box.  

Ethical hackers make an average of $84,700 per year but they can earn much more depending on the companies they contract to. If you think you’d be good at ethical hacking you can learn everything you need to know by taking a Certificate IV in Cyber Security. The course only takes up to two years to complete and costs less than $5000.  

You can learn more about the Certificate IV in Cyber Security here.

Small Business Owner 

Small Business Owners can earn anywhere from $43,000 to $125,000 with a median of $65,541  

It can be daunting to go out on your own and try to run your own business but if you’re passionate about what you do it can be the most rewarding choice you’ll ever make.  

What kind of business you might run is up to you. If you’re passionate about making brownies or candles you might start small with a stall at the markets. If you’ve got a talent for party planning maybe you’ll make a good events planner. But whatever your passion, the hardest part isn’t making your wares or offering your services it’s the paperwork, the logistics and financials.  

The way to get your head around all the particulars of running your own business and make a plan is to take the Certificate III in Micro Business Operations. It will help you understand all the paperwork you’ll need to get started and how to market and scale your business.  

You might even be able to access some funding for the course through the Certificate 3 Guarantee funding. 

Work Health and Safety Manager  

Average salary $108,860 per year  

If you’re super organised and you have an excellent eye for detail you would make a good Work Health and Safety Manager.  

Work Health and Safety Managers are responsible for making sure that a company and their employees are safe at work. You’ll be involved in writing policies and procedures, completing safety checks, training staff on work health and safety policies and handling any claims or complaints that occur.  

This is an important job and it’s a role you can do for a myriad of industries. The demand is high and the pay is higher, with the average salary of $108,860.  

You don’t need a degree to work in this lucrative field. You can get the skills you need with a Diploma of Work Health and Safety. The course timeframe is up to a year and costs around $4,100.   

Marketing Manager  

Average salary $79,957 per year  

Have you got a talent for communications and a finger on the pulse of society? If you’re good with words and up to date on trends becoming a Marketing Manager could be the road to success.  

Marketing Managers are in charge of a business’s brand and promotional plans. They usually design and manage all the business messaging keeping it consistent with the brand’s voice and the company’s objectives.  

A Marketing Manager makes an average of $79,957 per year and you don’t need a degree to get into this field. You can complete a Diploma of Marketing and Communication in less than a year online. The course only costs around $4800 and you can either pay as you go or go through a payment plan. 

So if you’re interested in finding a career with high earning potential without losing four years and $30,000 on a university degree, there are pathways out there for you. 

If you’d like to get some advice and find the right career path for you, have a chat with one of our courses advisors. 

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